Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee minutes
ctober 24, 2001
MHLS Auditorium

Present: Patricia Kaufman, Janet Huen, Josh Cohen, Lauren Muffs, Patti Haar, Tom Lawrence, Susan Hauer, Andrew Dancer, Sally Alderdice, Debra Kamecke, Beverly Kane, Tom Finnigan, Jean Hojnacki, Deb Horowitz, Merribeth Advocate.


·       Central Reference Coordinator Position:
Wording of job description has passed PPLD BOT, passed this committee, and will now go to the MHLS BOT. Position will begin no earlier than Jan 1st. 1st quarter will include looking at county reference centers and finishing web competencies started by D. Horowitz. Each in-library visit will be followed up by report to library through a standardized checklist format with narrative. T. Lawrence said this individual has a large and competent staff to depend on for support. J. Cohen said feedback from this work will help provide an overall analysis of system reference needs and uses. P. Haar said it will also provide an informative view on how to use reference centers in a new way, and how we do business together. S. Hauer said the effectiveness of the position should be measured against the System / Central Library reference goals, and should include the effect on the end user. J. Cohen suggested use of Web Crossings for discussing separate topic threads of interest, including reference and migration.

·       Rotating Collections: Committee discussed the overall purpose of System rotating collections. The aspect of marketing new purchases to patrons, including the “new” materials rotating-in was discussed. B. Kane said libraries have to be more active in marketing their own books.  P. Haar and S. Hauer encouraged libraries to re-market their own materials, speaking of the success they have had with moving their own collection around. A. Dancer asked for a listing of leasing programs to be distributed to members. (see Action 1)
Mystery rotating collections will be phased out totally by January 2005. Libraries with total materials disbursements of under $13,250 in the 2000 annual report, less than half of the average for MHLS libraries, (referred to here as eligible libraries) may continue receiving rotating mystery collections for a $50 annual fee. Libraries above this level will receive their final collection in 2001. Withdrawn books will be listed, eligible libraries will receive first choice of 20 titles from the list. Holding agency will be changed at MHLS before withdrawn books are sent to libraries.
Graphic Novels:
Committee looked at several graphic novels, brought by J. Huen. Recommended that the System create a preview collection of graphic novels (see Action 2).

·       System wide Collection Development: J. Cohen suggested that the committee consider how to look at the whole System as one collection: are we being comprehensive enough – how to avoid all being libraries of just best sellers. Committee will continue to discuss this issue at the next meeting. Collection development CE was suggested, possibly for fall 2002. Committee members discussed their use of small press vendors. S. Hauer said as we become more sophisticated in our buying we improve what is in the whole System. P. Kaufman said the committee should discuss a philosophical approach to what our system can do with collective sharing.
Special Collection Survey:Committee made suggestions to improve the draft of the online Special Collection Survey, including: limit each survey to one collection (can be submitted multiple times) and how materials are accessed. (See Action 3)

·       Meetings: Next meeting January / February 2002 at Central Library. Quarterly 2002 meetings on Thursdays.


  1. MHLS will develop and distribute a list of materials leasing companies.
  1. MHLS Youth Services create a preview collection of graphic novels that libraries may borrow for review, along with a listing of sources for ordering.
  1. M. Advocate will incorporate committee changes into Special Collection Survey and will e-mail it to committee to beta test.

Merribeth Advocate

October 31, 2001