Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee minutes
September 13, 2001
Patterson Library Association

Present: Josh Cohen, Patricia Kaufman, Tom Finnigan, Greg Callahan, Patti Haar, Beverly Kane, Denise Garofalo, Clai Lasher-Somers, Andrew Dancer, Deb Horowitz, Sally Alderdice, Merribeth Advocate



  1. Committee recommends a full time System position to be created using Central Library Development Aid to upgrade reference services in member libraries.
  1. Committee recommends the MHLS Rotating Mystery Book collection be discontinued, with the budgeted funds of $6000 annually be used for CD book and DVD rotating collections. This recommendation will be brought to the next Director’s Association meeting in October.
  1. J. Cohen will distribute purchase information to members for a 100 DVD collection of classic films.
  1. Develop an ad hoc Database Evaluation Committee to handle/evaluate/ recommend electronic databases for system/member purchase.
  1. M. Advocate will develop a preliminary draft Special Collection survey and will e-mail it to the committee for feedback.
  1. D. Garofalo will coordinate System locating and inputting of Marc record entries for System/member databases into Geac so that subject search will show which libraries have a specific database resource.
  1. D. Horowitz and M.Advocate will expand the midhudson.org Resource section to include Horowitz’s reference handouts, an annotated list of current Central Library databases and the Nebraska Library Commission’s Statewide Training For Accurate Reference (STAR) Reference Manual at http://www.nlc.state.ne.us/ref/star/contents.html 

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate.