Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee Meeting
November 18, 2002 Noon, MHLS Conference Room

Attending: Lauren Muffs, Janet Huen, Tom Lawrence, Patti Haar, Pat Kaufman, Sue Hermans, Josh Cohen, Merribeth Advocate
Excused: Matt Bollerman, Sally Alderdice

Cooperative Databases:

Committee discussed that libraries need to have the best value in electronic reference resources for the money spent. Committee said paying a full subscription for a general periodical database (Proquest) is a redundancy, as it duplicates EBSCO, provided statewide to libraries through NOVEL. Proposing to upgrade to EBSCO Premier beginning August 2003. T. Lawrence prepared and distributed an analysis of the cost breakdown, including the NoveList database (http://www.epnet.com/public/novelist.asp). S. Hermans said the state subsidy of EBSCO is projected to be in place for 3 years.

T. Lawrence said the Central Library will continue to contribute $15,000 for a general periodical database, planning it will increase this amount over time. Committee liked the idea of keeping the member contribution the same, which would reduce the MHLS subsidy by $14,757.

Committee discussed elements that would be lost with the proposed switch including the Proquest newspaper database. EBSCO Premier does not provide full-text coverage of the New York Times. (NYT is available as a stand-alone product from ProQuest; S. Hermans will obtain the price if desired.)

The Central Library will assume the $12,000 cost of Contemporary Authors.

Web site maintenance:

T. Lawrence reviewed the issue with Adriance staff and said they will not be able to do this.

County reference center money:
Each gets $3,200. County reference centers met and discussed building a local database of local news. Proposed that the 2003 funds be used to begin online indexing of local newspapers, using Web based input template, edited by county reference center and posted to web. This proposal has the support of 4 of the 5 county reference centers.

In the proposed 2003 MHLS Incentive Program, County Reference centers must submit an application to the MHLS BOT for their share explaining what the money will be used for, with the approval of their county directors.

Merribeth Advocate