Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Meeting
Kingston Public Library
May 23, 2002

Attended: Pat Kaufman, Greg Callahan, Tom Lawrence, Matthew Bollerman, Patti Haar, Sue Hermans, Andy Dancer, Josh Cohen, Tom Finnigan, Merribeth Advocate.

Trained in 5 libraries, 5 more scheduled to visit by end of June. Covers in a two hour session: Proquest, Dialog @ CARL and Ebsco. T. Lawrence asked if the committee would like to see the reports, committee agreed. (see Action 1)

Report of the County Reference Centers / Central Library Directors’ Meeting, held April 25, was distributed at meeting.

Funding was established in the 1970’s. J. Cohen said the goals and roles need to be defined. M. Bollerman said the goal of the funds is to improve reference service across the area. P. Haar said areas that the county reference centers should provide help with should be defined, with a flowchart going to directors. T. Lawrence said concept of central library is that each library doesn’t have to answer all questions that are beyond the scope and purpose of each collection. A. Dancer suggested that S. Hermans may see patterns.

T. Lawrence said he would like it pooled into databases or Serials module, providing more universal access to more people. Suggested that for 2003, to look at using it in a different way – pooled to broaden access to some enhancement. Also, that the impact of all local, regional and system services is a combined impact, not operating independently in a vacuum.

J. Cohen asked should the system be paying for databases. P. Kaufman mentioned the Suffock model where every library contributes funds to System for services. Ex: pay for delivery. P. Haar suggested the system develop a menu of services for libraries to pick from, including databases, delivery frequency above a minimum, adult programming opportunities and more.

New role for county reference centers was discussed, where they would focus on providing important, unique county resources. This could also be leveraged with the county by saying “we are getting these, but need matching finds, and then this is what we will be able to do”. The committee decided to bring the discussion to the Directors Association meeting. (see Action 2)

P. Kaufman listed this as the current major expenditure for the foreseeable future. A valuable area for group buys. Discussion about the System role and the Central Library role in providing this service.

Britannica Online – interfaces through Millennium. Several libraries already subscribe – info for the upcoming subscription period just came out from  SENYLRC.

SYNDETICS Solutions – could provide catalog enrichment for Millennium - book jackets and reviews $8,900.

Need to seek and find the databases for our collective needs, not just responding to sales calls.

Top contenders include:
Novelist – was best received. $24,900 for 66 sites. About $400 per library if all were to come aboard.
Mitchell – car manuals
Learn A Test
ERIC –Access to full text educational materials.

Not much enthusiasm for:
Gale Health Alternative
Facts on File, Facts suite

Proposed direction for RUG, suggested by T. Lawrence is to have libraries access themselves what each does already. P Haar said this would help to create a dialog at the local level.

Virtual branch / e-branch:
·         A re-definition of library service
·        Discussed model of Q & A New Jersey, contracted out after hours to LSSI on a fee per question basis. During hours, rotates among libraries. Lawrence said piloting with LSSI first helps determine the need before hiring.
·     Discussed model of Oshgosh where they closed a branch and hired 2 reference librarians.

Serials Solutions: A possible solution to the need to integrate online serials titles with physical holdings.

MetaFind: In the beta testing mode. P. Haar suggested System work towards it as a goal. Also, consider linking to locally created databases that are searchable.

Collection development – will use the management reports as a basis for further discussion.

  1. Sue Hermans will bring library visit reports to the Central Library / Collection Development Committee.
  2. DA will discuss committees suggestion that beginning in 2003, county reference centers should focus on unique materials.

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate