Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee
September 11, 2002
MHLS Conference Room 10am

Attended: Sally Alderdice, Patti Haar, Tom Lawrence, Greg Callahan, Sue Hermans, Tom Finnigan, Josh Cohen, Merribeth Advocate.

Children's Reference List: Basic Reference Collection List for Youth 4th Grade and Older, a sixteen-item print collection, was prepared by Barbara Haymann-Diaz (PPLD), with input from Margaret Keefe. T. Lawrence suggested an equivalent listing be created, focusing on electronic resources that serve the same group.

Electronic Database: J. Cohen said this committee needs to look at the whole amount of money available for electronic databases as a budget and decide how to compile a comprehensive, overall electronic reference package. Committee is buying for the system and need to know what everyone needs.

T. Lawrence sees a high level of out-of-library use through his Obvia statistics. P. Haar said access to databases through individual member web sites is important. T. Lawrence said each library needs a high quality full text easily searchable general periodical database (meets 90% of needs), and author information.

Discussion of EBSCO Elite instead of Proquest, when current Proquest term (8/1/02-7/31/03) comes up from renewal. Discussion of how to have members recognize the real (unsubsidized) cost, to help in decision making. P. Harr said it would be helpful to know real cost. T. Lawrence will provide at the next meeting a platform for group decision making to start from, including:
· The base price of Proquest distributed by cost across system
· The Proquest subsidized cost
· What an upgrade from the Empirelink's EBSCO to EBSCO Elite would cost (including proposed duration of state funding for the base EBSCO product).

T. Lawrence said the Central Library's first step will be give the same portion of funding to Proquest for 2003 and will pick up the full cost of CLC authors database for 2003. His intention is to move the majority of CBA money to electronic databases.

T. Lawrence asked what the current MHLS portion of Proquest will be spent on in the future. J. Cohen said MHLS has an operating deficit and this will help compensate.

P. Haar said it would be helpful for members to know the other things that could be added to the electronic reference package with the available funds. Having to make a decision would make participation in database trials more significant. Starting in January, the group looking at electronic databases will compile their recommendations, to be looked at by directors during the March Directors Association meeting.

Additional electronic databases discussed:
· T. Lawrence suggested ERIC as a growing need. Can put money on deposit to cover searches, pay for what is used. P. Haar said this may be a localized need, and could be provided as a Central Library service.
· S. Hermans said Learn a Test would be a popular add on.
· Lit Finder
· T. Lawrence mentioned regional access to newspapers within the county, as local stuff is most difficult to harness. T. Lawrence, S. Hermans and PPLD staff will discuss where to take this as a central library service and make some recommendations to guide the committee.

Cohen said MHLS wants to use MHLS RBDB (Regional Automation Money) money for Syndetic Solutions<http://www.syndetics.com/> for jackets to enhance the Millennium catalog.

Web sites
J. Cohen said the committee should think of use of the web in general. Pointed out Newburgh Free Library http://www.newburghlibrary.org/ as doing a good job. Need to provide integrated reference, using aspects of print and electronic resources.

Discussion about what to do about maintaining grant websites. Cohen said MHLS might not be able to maintain and would have to take down.

Discussion of what to do with Reference web sites in general. T. Lawrence said it is easier to maintain them than to create them, and will talk with PPLD staff about issue of maintaining existing and future web references.

Bestsellers and Holds
Discussion of where does the responsibility lie to serve the readership of each community. P. Haar said we are missing the level of individual library responsibility that GEAC purchase alerts gave her library in the past. We have no system wide policy, and no threshold is named for purchasing additional copies. S. Alderdice said it was responsibility of each library to buy at least one copy of the popular, most requested books.

Committee asked for distribution of a procedure of how to check the number of holds for an item that are slotted to be picked up at your library, so members could relate that to the number of copies a library should own.

The problem of printing paging slips, and not filling them until the next day was discussed as a possible reason libraries are getting more than one copy of an item. Once paging slips are printed, they must be filled before midnight of that day.

Committee asked for distribution of information about dealing with the remaining item level holds, left over from early holds procedure. Those item holds that are for items on the shelf will never get filled without intervention.

Reference Users Group
Provided hands-on training for electronic and print Business information. Four counties were represented at the meeting, with positive response from all. There were fifteen additional requests for the handouts.

Next meeting, November 14, 2002.

· MHLS will post Basic Reference Collection list to MHLS web site at http://midhudson.org/resources/reference/Youth_Reference_Books.htm
· T. Lawrence will present at next meeting of this committee, an analysis of Proquest / EBSCO costs
· S. Hermans will present electronic database recommendations at the March DA meeting
· T. Lawrence will talk with PPLD staff about issue of maintaining web references.
· T. Lawrence, S. Hermans and PPLD staff will discuss access to regional newspapers as a central library service and make some recommendations to guide the committee.
· MHLS will distribute information about how to use your current holds listing to determine how may patrons want to pick up the same thing at your library, as a method for determining when to buy additional copies.
· MHLS will send out information about cleaning up item holds

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate 9/13/02