Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee Meeting
MHLS, February 20, 2003
Attended: Josh Cohen, Tom Finnigan, Pat Kaufman, Tom Lawrence, Sue Hermans, Sally Alderdice, Greg Callahan, Ellen Guerci, Patti Haar, Matthew Bollerman, Jim Cosgrove, Merribeth Advocate
Absent: Andy Dancer

Committee Chair 2003: Greg Callahan

System Wide Databases:

OPAC Bookjackets and Reviews

Coordinated Reference Collection Services


  1. Members look at list of Central Library print periodicals and recommend areas of reduction of print subscriptions.
  2. Committee recommends members looking at print subscriptions for own reductions.
  3. Cohen, Advocate and Lawrence will prepare a listing that compares options (Proquest, EBSCO MasterFile Premier, NOVEL EBSCO) in next DA packet. Scenarios. History of what was paid, what was the cost, who paid what.
  4. Committee will evaluate Central Library Reference Services Coordinator job for possible expansion / reorganization of duties.

Report to Director's Association
Different database options
Not recommending purchase of Syndetics
Children's reference support