Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee Meeting
May 22, 2003
Attended: Josh Cohen, Tom Finnigan, Pat Kaufman, Tom Lawrence, Sue Hermans, Sally Alderdice, Greg Callahan, Patti Haar, Jim Cosgrove, Andy Dancer, Lauren Muffs, Merribeth Advocate
Absent: Ellen Guerci, Matthew Bollerman

Central Library Development Aid Program Application

Print Periodicals

Readers advisory ideas

Other / Weeding workshop


  1. MHLS will survey libraries to see what local newspapers they have.
  2. MHLS will survey libraries regarding periodicals: who now links and circulates their periodicals, who circulates the current edition, what titles do they have that they consider unique or special.
  3. L. Shedrick will create simple directions for members for linking periodicals (available at <http://www.midhudson.org/resources/resource_sharing/Linking%20Magazines.pdf>).
  4. M. Advocate will contact  Marianne Kotch about the Weeding Workshop Series.

Report to Director’s Association
CLDA money moving towards databases
Newspaper indexing possibility

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate, 5/28/03