Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee Minutes
August 17, 2004

Attending: Josh Cohen, Tom Lawrence, Sue Hermans, Sally Alderdice, Greg Callahan, Ellen Guerci, Bonnie Snyder, Patti Haar, Sherry Haluska, Lauren Muffs, Merribeth Advocate
Excused: Jim Cosgrove, Pat Kaufman

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

Central Library web resources

Local history collections

Reference training

CL conspectus project

Community Information database

DVD collection development


  1. Central Library will demonstrate the Local Portal draft to the DA.
  2. Central Library will produce a version of Recommended Links that does not contain the PPLD left-hand navigation bar (also for the Children's Recommended Links page), for member library use on their own web pages
  3. Central Library will have an intern prepare pathfinders for member library use, this fall.
  4. Committee members will ask libraries in their county to submit their local history collections to the form at http://midhudson.org/forms/special_collections.htm
  5. Adriance will model bulk contents notes in the catalog for local history materials
  6. CL Reference Library Service Coordinator will provide basic reference training in each county
  7. L.Shedrick will post purchase alerts on the MHLS electronic discussion list on a regular basis, and will break out DVD alerts as a separate posting
  8. MHLS will study DVD holds and bring the results to the committee

Report to DA

Recommend to CE committee: workshop(s) on local materials in the library, which would include:

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate