Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee
February 20, 2004
MHLS Conference Room

Present: Patti Haar, Sally Alderdice, Greg Callahan, Jim Cosgrove, Ellen Guerci, Josh Cohen, Tom Lawrence, Lauren Muffs, Sue Hermans, Sherry Haluska, Merribeth Advocate.

Database trials and discussion:

Central Library Program:

Local Records:

Mystery Rotating Collections:

Serials display in OPAC:

Jim Cosgrove is Committee Chair for 2004
Next meeting: Tuesday, May 25, 10am-1pm, MHLS Conference Room

Report back to DA:

  1. Potential per library pricing of upgrading to ProQuest or MasterFILE Premier distributed to members.
  2. Committee looking at tools for the members to be able to get best use of Central Library services. Central Library will be providing members with web tools (a Recommended Links page they can add to their websites, a Central Library info page with patron services detailed, and a web portal template for local information), centralized resource training and is looking at cataloging local materials for the OPAC.
  3. Committee reviewed Mystery Rotating Collection circ statistics: every other item went out once in the past year. Committee is requesting MHLS to disband the collection. It should not be still be a system service at this level. The committee recommends that MHLS determine how to best disperse the collection.
  4. As a result of the local records phone survey, the committee is looking in the future to centralizing local records in one database. If you had been thinking of starting a database yourself for this, wait for the group product.


  1. M. Advocate will distribute potential database pricing in next DA packet
  2. M. Advocate will distribute info to members about counters on their websites
  3. Central Library will prepare a brochure and business card, with their 800 number of central library, which can be given to patrons at member libraries.
  4. Central Library will create web resources including: Recommended Links, a Central Library info page, web portal template.
  5. MHLS will arrange a demo of the Innovative database product.

Submitted by Merribeth Advocate, 2/23/04