Central Library/ Collection Development Advisory Committee meeting
Tuesday, May 25, 2004
10am-1pm, MHLS Conference Room

Attending: Patti Haar, Jim Cosgrove, Tom Lawrence, Greg Callahan, Ellen Guerci, Sally Alderdice, Pat Kaufman, Sue Hermans, Josh Cohen, Merribeth Advocate, Cassie Artale, Pat Mallon
Excused: Sherry Haluska

Central Library application

Coordinated Collection Development

Distribution of rotating collection materials

Music CD's

Last Copy Policy and Procedures

Local newspaper index

EBSCO Link Source

Report at DA

  1. Review draft of Fiction Last Copy Policy and procedures
  2. The Central Library is developing local pathfinders - what topics do members want?
  3. Newspaper index: We could use a Millennium module to display local obituaries, births and marriages info. It would appear something like the Ozarks News and Historical Index at
  4. Users Groups - what do members want?
  5. Issue of cataloging multi-volumes correctly is being referred to Resource Sharing Advisory Committee.


  1. Committee will work by e-mail on Recommended Links categories
  2. T. Lawrence will share the results from their conspectus analysis with the committee.
  3. Committee will review revised draft of Last Copy Policy and Procedure at <http://midhudson.org/collection/last_copy.htm> by e-mail, preparing it for review at June DA meeting.
  4. MHLS will buy the most current volume of the Wilson Fiction Catalog so members can borrow it from the MHLS Professional Collection.
  5. J. Cohen will get specific information about setting this up a separate Innovative product for indexing local newspapers and bring to DA meeting.
  6. J. Cohen will arrange for a demo of EBSCO Link Source.
  7. Other Catalogs: over promising and under delivering. MHLS staff will tighten up wording in paragraph at top of page <http://midhudsonlibraries.org/screens/catalogs.html>.
  8. MHLS staff will get input at June DA meeting about what users groups members want.

Next meeting, August 17