Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee Meeting
November 17, 2004

Attending: Patti Haar, Josh Cohen, Laurie Shedrick, Jim Cosgrove, Tow Lawrence, Greg Callahan, Ellen Guerci, Pat Kaufman, Sherry Haluska, Merribeth Advocate.
Excused: Sue Hermans, Sally Alderdice

Minutes from the August 2004 meeting were approved by P. Haar, seconded by G. Callahan. Amendment made to 8/04 minutes that P. Kaufman was excused.



  1. Central Library representatives and K. O'Brien will meet to begin discussion of a source of local and regional subject headings.
  2. DA will discuss committee recommendation of MHLS rotating collections.
  3. M. Advocate will distribute info to all libraries on initiating a review of their local history collection from DHP.
  4. Resource Sharing Advisory Committee will discuss issue of DVD sharing.
  5. M. Advocate will bring up the new HomeAccess page.
  6. L.Shedrick will offer additional Management Report training, including discussion of "what are the statistics that really matter to us."
  7. Central Library will provide access directions for Wilson Fiction Catalog to member libraries and will offer training on how to use it.

Report to DA:

Merribeth Advocate
November 22, 2004