Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee meeting
October 11, 2005

Attending: Lauren Muffs, Josh Cohen, Sue Hermans, Luisa Sabin-Kildiss, Jim Cosgrove, Ellen Guerci, Pat Kaufman, Greg Callahan
Not attending: Tom Lawrence, Sherry Haluska, Sally Alderdice, Patti Haar

Minutes from April 20, 2005 meeting approved by E. Guerci, seconded by P. Kaufman. Action items update:
· Draft of sign with Print services now.
· L.Shedrick will confirm if one-stop authentication for databases (re: last minutes Action Item in report to DA item 5) was discussed by the Resource Sharing Advisory committee

Central Library training 2005 status


  1. Central Library training will be scheduled in each county, with sessions covering the CL training offerings.
  2. S. Hermans will revise both the Knowledge Inventory and the Core Competencies as companion pieces to each other, and committee will review at next meeting.
  3. P. Kaufman will send core competency resources with specific questions to S. Hermans & J. Cohen.
  4. Central Library will make a web page, or send the info to MHLS to make the page, of what the Central Library offers member libraries and what it can do for them. Committee will review at next meeting.
  5. M. Advocate will send to the committee for review a draft new navigational menu for the Reference and Collection Development section of midhudson.org.
  6. L. Muffs will provide usage statistics for Useful Links for the next meeting.
  7. Central Library staff will check each section of links in Useful Links to insure the sections are inclusive.
  8. CL will revise the Children's Recommended Links page w/out the PPLD left-hand navigation bar (as was Useful Links).
  9. Committee members will review two databases and exchange thoughts through committee e-mail: Grolier Online and Jewish History & Genealogy.
  10. M. Advocate will collect info from members about their use of Get Ready and report at next meeting.
  11. CL will bring usage statistics from Wilson Web to the next meeting.
  12. M. Advocate will bring Spanish Rotating Collection circ statistics (by library if possible) and price of a collection to the next meeting.

Report to DA from the October 11, 2005 meeting of the Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee:

Merribeth Advocate