Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee meeting
January 25, 2005

Attending: Sally Alderdice, Sue Hermans, Tom Lawrence, Jim Cosgrove, Josh Cohen, Ellen Guerci, Merribeth Advocate
Excused: Sherry Haluska, Greg Callahan

Approval of minutes: Approved: E. Guerci, Seconded: J. Cohen

Review Central Library Initiatives

Central Library Promotional materials

Central Library Funding: Lost $14,000 due to 5% cut. In 2005:

MHLS rotating collections

Local History update

Coordinated Collection Development


  1. T. Lawrence will see that Recommended Links web page is updated, both the general page & children's.
  2. S. Hermans will develop a listing of basic competencies for front-line staff; a 20 question exam to see if staff needs additional training.
  3. S. Hermans will develop tip sheets to send out to libraries.
  4. S. Hermans will offer training on using Recommended Links after it is redone.
  5. MHLS staff will send out an Action Memo to members to schedule with S. Hermans in 2005.
  6. T. Lawrence will distribute Stumped pads in mid-February and will remind CL staff that this new way to reach CL expertise is coming.
  7. DA will discuss committee recommendation of MHLS rotating collections.
  8. J. Cohen & M. Advocate will prepare an update on possible New Format Rotating Collection: Downloadable MP3, for next meeting.
  9. Sub-committee will meet and prepare a proposal regarding every library chipping in for additional copies of items in high demand: bestsellers and DVD's. Sub-committee include J. Cohen, E. Guerci, J. Huen and other interested volunteers.
  10. J. Cohen & S. Hermans will prepare a scenario for next committee meeting regarding members chipping in to broaden titles available.
  11. J. Cohen will ask Mary Lou Caskey at Mid-York Library System about their reading list.

Report to DA from the January 25, 2005 meeting of the Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee

  1. Need to ensure that patrons get the help that is available. Want staff at circ desk to answer if understand it, know when to refer it, know when to ask someone else for help. Staff may need readers advisory training and training for answering basic reference questions. Committee suggested Central Reference Library Services Coordinator develop a listing of basic competencies for front-line staff; a 20 question exam to see if staff needs additional training.
  2. Tear-off pads for each library are being prepared by the Central Library, ("Stumped - we've got the answer") which feature how and when for staff and patrons to contact the Central Library. Will be printed and distributed through delivery in mid-February.
  3. Committee recommends that MHLS not spend 2005 funds on new Books-on-CD, continue to rotate them to interested libraries who pay the $100 subscription fee, then disperse them equally to all interested libraries at the end of December 2005.
  4. Meeting high demand: Committee discussed the concept of every library contributing for additional copies of items in high demand (bestsellers and DVD's). A sub-committee will be formed to prepare a proposal; at the February DA meeting J. Cohen will ask for interested people to join the committee.
  5. Committee discussed how to structure broadening our shared collection to include things that are coming out that we might not typically buy: