MHLS Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee meeting
June 21, 2006

Attending: Jim Cosgrove, Patti Haar, John Georghiou, Greg Callahan, Sue Hermans, Tom Lawrence, Sally Alderdice, Josh Cohen, Gloria Goverman, Pat Kaufman, Luisa Sabin-Kildiss, Merribeth Advocate.

Minutes from the 3.17.2006 meeting were approved by J. Cosgrove, seconded by G. Callahan. Action items were reviewed.

Athens: Authentication/tracking product. No longer represented through WALDO. Problem to solve: incorporate the library owned databases and HomeAccess databases into one authentication screen. Will look at this through Innovative.

Central Library Survey: 27 surveys returned = 41% of the system membership. (See Action 1)

Reference E-Newsletter:

Draft Core Competencies Quiz: This is to standardize the level of what staff knows.

Central Reference Library Budget Review and Service Plan:

Next meeting: July 11 work session, 10am in the MHLS Conference Room.


  1. Committee asked for T. Lawrence to tabulate the survey results and compile the comments for the July work session.
  2. CL staff will produce a quarterly Reference E-Newsletter, with fall being the 1st issue.
  3. S. Hermans will refine the Core Competency Quiz and administer it as a pre-test for fall OPAC training.
  4. S. Hermans will put database trial information on the list serv so members can check out Book Collection: Nonfiction and Grolier Online.
  5. P. Haar will schedule a committee work session prior to the next quarterly committee meeting.

Merribeth Advocate