MHLS Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee
Work session meeting
July 11, 2006

Attending: Jim Cosgrove, John Georghiou, Gloria Goverman, Lauren Muffs, Sally Alderdice, Patti Haar, Josh Cohen, Tom Lawrence, Gregory Callahan, Merribeth Advocate.

Central Library Aid Guidelines were distributed to committee.

Central Book Aid (CBA) purchasing: $71,500 annually

Central Library Development Aid (CLDA): approx $200,000 annually

New ideas for Central Library Development Aid funds:

CL Survey


  1. J. Cohen will arrange for trials of auto repair and antiques databases.
  2. CL will get a system price for NOVELIST for the next meeting.
  3. MHLS staff will investigate combining database search pages for members with more than HomeAccess and report at next meeting.
  4. Continuing Education / Professional Development Advisory Committee will discuss members needs for Customer Service training at their next meeting.
  5. T. Lawrence will get a cost estimate from Danbury for E-Journal production.
  6. Members will be re-surveyed about CL services in a year.

Next meeting Sept. 14, 2006

Report to DA: The plan and goals for CL services.

Merribeth Advocate