Central Library/Collection Development Advisory Committee meeting
Thursday September 14, 2006
Mid-Hudson Library System


Attending: Jim Cosgrove, Greg Callahan, Gloria Goverman, Pat Kaufman, Josh Cohen, Tom Lawrence, Lauren Muffs

  1. Review Action Items
    a. Trial was arranged for Gale Databases, but committee would like a retrial of Antiques
    b. Novelist refused to price for staff only
    c. MHLS is talking with III about implementation of the Web Access Management function (WAM) which would tie patron authentication to the patron record.
    d. CE committee has not met yet
    e. Tom has contacted Danbury and is ready for the E-Journal production
    f. Tom will draft a new survey for committee input.
  2. Central Library Budget
    a. The budget was approved with the addition of the Bowker BIP/Collection Development package and possibly the Next Read product
  3. Rotating Collections
    Decided to send memo about charging for LP Rotating Collections
  4. Bowker Books in Print/Collection Analysis Tool
    a. Decided to purchase this suite of products that include a NOVELIST type product, Fiction Select for the public, BIP for staff and the collection analysis tool
  5. EBSCO/Gale Databases
    a. Revisit the EBSCO car manual and get a trial of Next Reads


Josh Cohen