Programs & Grants Committee
December 12, 2001

P. Alt (Philmont), L. Deubert (Coxsackie), J. Knutsen (Highland) [chair], K. Lustiber (West Hurley), M. Schlansky (Carmel); B. Hayman-Diaz, PPLD (ex-officio), L. Muffs, PPLD (ex-officio); MHLS Staff: J. Cohen, M. Keefe, R. Smith

Materials Distributed:

Minutes accepted for the September meeting by Marilyn Schlansky, seconded by Kara Lustiber.


EZ Program Database:
M. Keefe and R. Smith demonstrated the online forms for the EZ Program Database. The committee made the following suggestions:

1. Change the two keyword lists so that each one has all the keywords from each to avoid confusion about one list being one type of activity and the other list being something else. This will enable people to pick two keywords for one program, like Instructional and Personal Finance or Nature and Photography.

2. Add new category, "Program Idea Source”

3. Attach digital pictures of a program's end product (like a craft) to the database entry for that program.
4. Add the capability to request a list of all items for each keyword.

5. Have consistent fonts used in the data entry fields.

6. Add a “Presenter/Performer Contact Information” field with a notation that the presenter/performer should be willing to have their information posted.

Blue Ribbon Panel:

An overview of the committee structure for 2002 was given. Committee members were asked to make the necessary adjustments for committee membership in Columbia, Greene and Putnam counties.

Program & Publicity User Group

This new user group will meet quarterly and be led by M. Keefe and R. Smith. The group will meet in the MHLS Auditorium from 10:00am-12:00pm on each date. The user group is open to all – staff, volunteers and trustees.

M. Keefe and R. Smith presented their proposed topics for the four meetings and asked for committee input. Committee input is indicated by an asterisk:

Format of Committee Meetings:

The mission and focus of the committee was reviewed and discussed. The committee agreed that their role is to investigate and recommend how programs and grants can be used to strengthen libraries and better focus library efforts and activities.

Poet House Grant:

J. Cohen introduced a possible grant opportunity from the Poet House of NYC and the Dyson Foundation for poetry programming. The committee asked that MHLS staff look into the further for member libraries.

MetLife and Libraries for the Future Grant:

M. Keefe and J. Cohen introduced the Reading America grant program from MetLife and Libraries for the Future. The committee agreed that this was an appropriate grant for member libraries and that MHLS staff should investigate the application options for the grant.

LSTA Grant Ideas for 2002:

The committee discussed ideas for future LSTA grants in the areas of family literacy, economic development, electronic content and training:

Committee Meeting Dates for 2002: March 4, June 12, September 18, December 11. All meeting will be held in the MHLS Auditorium at 10:00am.


§         M. Keefe will pass on committee recommendations for revisions for the EZ Program Database to Polly Farrington, database designer.

§         M. Keefe and R. Smith will revisit the idea of a readers’ advisory component of the web site that would have information about Request-a-Title after migration.

§         M. Keefe will re-issue the memo regarding ordering 2002 Summer Reading materials.

§         Committee members from Columbia, Greene and Putnam counties will decide in their county groups which member will remain on the committee and designate an alternate from each county as per the Blue Ribbon Panel Committee Restructuring.

§         J. Cohen will investigate the Poets House and Libraries for the Future grants further and provide application information to member libraries.

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, December 13, 2001