Programs & Grants Committee
April 25, 2001

P. Alt (Philmont), L. Deubert (Coxsackie), L. Eaton (Beekman), K. Lustiber (West Hurley), J. Pallas (Valatie), M. Steinberg (Brewster), M. Schalansky (Carmel) [chair]; B. Hayman-Diaz, PPLD (ad-hoc), L. Muffs, PPLD (ad-hoc)
MHLS Staff: M. Advocate, J. Cohen, M. Keefe, K. Litwin, R. Smith
Visitor: Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi

Materials Distributed:


§         Committee recommends that all member libraries continue to send program and publicity information to Rebekkah Smith.

§         Rebekkah Smith will develop an online version of the EZ Programs Form.

§         MHLS Staff will move forward with its plans for a Performers’ Directory.

Issues and Discussion
Grant Abstracts:
LSTA Grants:
Economic Development Category: Libraries Deliver – Libraries & Labor part II written and  presented by Kirstin Litwin, Libraries & Labor Coordinator

Family Literacy Category: Homework/Literacy Support Centers written and presented by Margaret Keefe, Youth Services Coordinator

Adult Literacy Services Grant:
Advancing Literacy & Libraries written and presented by Merribeth Advocate, Outreach & Education Coordinator

Committee provided input on the above three grant proposals. The abstracts were based on previous committee input. M. Keefe and M. Advocate reported that they received a good response to their questions posted to the listserv.

Sharing local artists’ programming – visitor Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi
A local artisan, Ms. Hartin-Gelardi spoke to the committee about sharing performer information through libraries. The Committee recommended to Ms. Hartin-Gelardi that the regional arts’ councils develop a database of artists’ available for programming rather than the System develop such a database to share with member libraries. Ms. Hartin-Gelardi will be in touch with Rebekkah Smith to discuss the next step. However, MHLS Staff will move forward with plans for an updated Library Performers’ Directory as the timeline for the Arts’ Council’s project is undetermined.

EZ Program Form:
The committee worked together to help develop the content of the proposed online form for submission of successful library programming. The goal being a database of programming ideas that is ultimately searchable by the following fields: target population/age group; program cost; program types; date of submission. The Committee requested that once begun a print version of the database be made available through the MHLS Professional Collection and for it to be updated quarterly by System Staff.

Upcoming Workshops/Events:
Information now available on the MHLS Web site about up coming workshops:
Connections: Public Libraries & School Libraries – May 10th (MHLS Auditorium)
Benefits Workshop – May 17th (MHLS Auditorium)
Children’s Materials Vendor Fair – September 14th (MHLS Auditorium)
Connecting YA & Libraries Conference – September 28th (MHLS Auditorium)

Reader’s Advisory Bookmarks:
The Committee approved the creation of bookmarks for all libraries that would serve in a reader’s advisory capacity for patrons. Bookmarks would be based on author or genre – (i.e. if you like Tom Clancy…try: ; if you like mysteries… try: )

Discussion Threads:

Next Meeting: September 26, MHLS Auditorium 10:00am

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, April 27, 2001