Program / Grants Advisory Committee minutes

September 26, 2001

MHLS Auditorium

Present: Marilyn Schlansky, Margaret Keefe, Merribeth Advocate, Midge Quick, Lee Eaton, Barbara Flach, Linda Deubert, Maria Steinberg, Julie Knutsen, Kara Lustiber, Lauren Muffs, Barbara Haymann-Diaz, Josh Cohen, Bobbi Clapp, Kirstin Litwin, Denise Garofalo.


LSTA grant updates: LSTA grant funding runs from October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2002. The following MHLS proposals were funded for the coming year:

EZ Program form discussion: < ezcentral_new.asp> M. Keefe asked to talk about this at the county meetings when finalized. J. Cohen asked each member of the committee to make several entries themselves into the final database. The MHLS Web Interest Group gave some valuable input for the form. Committee made recommendations (listed below) to refine / finalize the options. See Action 2 & 3.

·        combine Supplies needed and Resources used sections
·        add Brief description under 25 words section
·        add place for library name and contact person’s e-mail
·        add keyword field entries (See Action 4)
·        add Family and All Ages to Target Population
·        add Literature based, Culture & Arts and Discussion Group to Type of program
·        remove Book Discussion and Family Focused from Type of program
·        add an e-mail link at the bottom of the form that goes to Youth Services Department to ask them to edit entries

Summer Reading Program 2003 Planning Committee: Additional suggestions for themes and illustrators can be e-mailed to M. Keefe up to October 30th.

Readers’ advisory bookmark: Mystery was demonstrated with positive committee feedback. Working on one for children’s Historical Fiction. See Action 5.

Vendor Fair report: Good evaluations from both attendees and vendors. Door prizes a big hit. Committee liked the idea of partnering with RCLS and holding it alternating years at MHLS Auditorium and Newburg Library.

Homework Helpline at Adriance: Member libraries should be encouraged to call the Adriance Children’s Room at (845) 485-3445 ext. 3320 for children’s reference assistance. See Action 6.

Outreach Language Diversity Grants: Twelve awards of MHLS 2001 Language Diversity Grants were given through Outreach Services, providing funding to assist in developing collections and programs to attract and serve non-English speaking populations for twenty-three member libraries. Homework Helpline through Questar BOCES: Funded by Questar BOCES at $13,5000 for 3 simultaneous users covering Columbia, Greene, and Rensselaer Counties, 3:00-7:00pm, Monday through Thursday from now to mid- June. Available through MHLS Columbia and Greene libraries HomeAccess links, can be accessed from library or home. Twenty minute time slots to interact with a live tutor in real time. Can communicate through soundcard, headphones and microphone and/or use whiteboard included in the software. Traditionally used most by grades 6-10. M. Keefe has requested usage statistics so the pilot can provide info about the use of the service to MHLS libraries.

Template for Performers’ Directory: M. Schlansky suggested asking members how important this resource is to them (See Action 7). L. Muffs suggested to refine and use the EZ Program form, then review its use at the next meeting regarding its applicability for the Performers Directory. Additional fields suggested by the committee include library name where they were used, geographical area of performer and cost. Committee said that only performers actually used by MHLS member libraries should be in the directory, and the libraries only submit those performers that they would recommend using.

Health Information Project grant: Programs increasing protective factors and reducing risk factors. Libraries fit into the community and family domain as positive factors. Project will develop and extend their partnerships with youth agencies as part of developing healthy communities. B. Clapp asked committee how to assist all libraries in taking advantage of the HIP project. Ideas from the committee included:

·        In Marc record add note that video tape was reviewed and recommended (see Action 8)
·        Consider sticker for tapes listing above info
·        Hosting viewing of tapes for YA librarians, health teachers and service providers – perhaps during open houses at the Health Information Center libraries
·        Create a teen oriented poster / bookmark
·        Put a template on the HIP web site so libraries could customize and print promotional materials with their own library info on it for school distribution, health fairs, etc..

New Committee Chair is Julie Knutsen.

Upcoming meeting dates: December 12, 2001. March 20, 2002. June 26, 2002. September 18, 2002. December 11, 2002.


1.      K. Litwin will add job URLs for all counties to Libraries Deliver promotional materials. They will be distributed to all MHLS libraries, not just those participating in the project.

2.      D. Garofalo will incorporate recommended changes into final EZ Program directory and availability will be announced to members.

3.      Youth Services Dept will periodically review the EZ Program directory entries before they are posted for public view, to eliminate possible graffiti entries.

4.      M. Keefe will send to committee subject heading list to edit / add to as keyword field entries for EZ Program directory.

5.      MHLS will add some small form of promotional blurb for libraries to the Readers’ advisory bookmark on the bottom of the backside, with possible URL link to list of MHLS libraries < alpha.html>

6.      M. Keefe will mention the Homework Helpline at Adriance on the MHLS listserv and in the MHLS Bulletin.

7.      M. Keefe will query members about the use of performers in their libraries and if they would be interested in inputting the ones they have used into an electronic Performers Database.

8.      B. Clapp will coordinate entry of HIP videos into GEAC, adding Reviewed and recommended by teens for teens into MARC record.

Merribeth Advocate