MHLS Program & Grants Committee Meeting
March 4, 2002
MHLS Auditorium


Present: Peggy Alt (Philmont), Lee Eaton (Beekman), Linda Deubert (Coxsackie), Margaret Keefe (MHLS), Julie Knutsen (Highland), Kara Lustiber (West Hurley), Rebekkah Smith (MHLS), Maria Steinberg (Brewster), Midge Quick (North East-Millerton)
Visitors: Josh Cohen (MHLS), Barbara Haymann-Diaz (PPLD), Lauren Muffs (PPLD)

Minutes from the 12.12.01 meeting were approved (Lee Eaton, 2nd: Maria Steinberg)

Old Business
EZ Program Database update: The Committee was pleased with the look and functionality of the database. Margaret Keefe informed the committee that once the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is straightened out the database will go live. Mid-Hudson staff will also set up a system wherein a staff member will be notified when a new program is submitted to the database so that it can be checked for accuracy and appropriateness. Promotion will include a demonstration at a DA meeting, committee meetings and user groups, items in the Bulletin, and multiple access points on the MHLS web site (youth services section, marketing, professional development).

If You Liked... bookmark update and input: The Committee felt the first bookmarks (Adult Mystery authors and childrenís Historical Fiction) were very popular and suggested that this endeavor continue. Margaret asked the committee to decide whether they would rather have adult or juvenile science fiction authors on the next bookmark, as they were requested equally on the member survey. The committee chose the juvenile bookmark because of the upcoming Summer Reading Program. The Committee requested that the lists of books be available on the MHLS web site for libraries to link to.

Poets House Grant: Josh Cohen provided a brief update of the Poets House grant. The Poets House representatives met with MHLS staff and will be applying to the Dyson Foundation for funding to implement their Poetry in the Branches program in MHLS member libraries. MHLS agreed to this partnership and will provide in-kind support through promotion and printing. Although a financial match was requested of MHLS by the Poets House, that is unlikely to happen given the current financial climate.

New Business
2002-2003 LSTA grant possibilities: The Committee was in favor of MHLS pursuing a 2nd year of the Homework/Literacy Center Library Project.† Margaret Keefe outlined plans for a 2nd year which would include a focus of improving the working relationship between libraries and teachers. Another important feature of the 2nd year proposal would be to enhance and/or develop the relationships with Literacy Volunteers of America for member libraries. The grant would also include more publicity for Lifelines, which will be expanded this year so that there are resources for K-12 on the site. The Committee was also in favor of a Computer Troubleshooting Training grant that would combine technology training for library staff with trustee and community education about the e-services offered through public libraries (online catalog, HomeAccess, Internet access). Kara Lustiber introduced an idea she read about in American Libraries about a state library system that used grant money to cultivate corporate sponsorship for their summer reading program, she will forward the article to MHLS staff. This lead to a discussion about local business support for the summer reading program in member libraries. Maria Steinberg and Julie Knutsen shared that they send out letters to local businesses asking for any level financial support with little luck. Maria noted that a personal call from her directly was more successful.

Report from Program & Publicity users group: The first Program & Publicity users group met on February 21st. Members of the committee who attended noted that it was a worthwhile group with good participation of those who attended. The users group made a number of suggestions to the committee regarding resources to be provided on the MHLS web site that the Committee agreed should be implemented.

III Kids Catalog: At the request of Josh Cohen the Committee discussed the search capabilities of the new Kids Catalog. They recommended that the catalog only search childrenís materials.

Gates training grant: Rebekkah Smith told the committee about an application being prepared by the State Library to the Gates Foundation that would provide funds to promote the long term sustainability of public access computing in public libraries throughout NYS. The committee provided input for her to take back to the State Library that included the replication of the tutorials provided on the Gates Library Computers for all libraries in the state and the possibility of Microsoft software such as Encarta and MS Office Suite products as training incentives.

Parent & Child Grant: Margaret Keefe notified the Committee of the availability of the Parent & Child Grant opportunity from the State Library. The Committee requested that the application be distributed to interested member libraries.

Adult Literacy Grant: Applications for the Adult Literacy Grant will be distributed to interested libraries.

Read To Me Training: Peggy Alt let the Committee know that the Read To Me Program Training is being offered in NYC in the near future. She will send the information to Margaret Keefe for distribution to member libraries.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 (Lee Eaton, 2nd: Julie Knutsen)


Program & Grants Committee Minutes from 12.12.01
LSTA Grant Ideas for FY2003
Program & Publicity User Group Recommendations

Next meeting dates:
June 12, 2002
September 18, 2002
December 11, 2002

Submitted by Rebekkah Smith & Margaret Keefe - 3.5.02