Minutes for the October 29, 2003 Meeting for the Program & Grants Committee
MHLS Auditorium | 10:00am-1:00pm

Present: Barbara Flach, Shannon Hosier, Margaret Keefe, Kara Lustiber, Linda Rolufs (chair), Midge Quick, Rebekkah Smith, Maria Steinberg Guest(s): Merribeth Advocate, Bobbie Clapp, Tracy Gartelmann, Barbara Haymann-Diaz, Kirstin Litwin

Minutes of 7.30 meeting
Motion to accept: Kara (1st); Midge (2nd)
Discussion: none
Vote: unanimous

Old Business
Grant Projects for 2003-2004
Grant Project leaders presented upcoming plans for the year:

· Tracy Gartelmann, Coordinator of the Emergent Literacy Grant, presented a summary of her project plans for 2003-2004. This LSTA grant was funded at a lower level than was originally planned on. The funding from LSTA will cover implementation in the following libraries: Cairo, Kinderhook and Mahopac. Supplemental funding has come through from the Dutchess County United Way to implement the project in six Dutchess County Libraries. Tracy has also secured a grant that will provide new children's books through a program called Lisa Libraries out of Boiceville, NY. Tracy noted three programs that will be offered for all member library staff to use with different age groups that will target age based literacy skills. M. Keefe informed the committee that, due to the funding cuts, this grant will operate on a shorter timeline than planned. L. Rolufs suggested contacting Verizon Reads to find funding for Ulster County libraries. Tracy described the statistical record keeping required of participating libraries at the request of L. Rolufs. There will be an Emergent Literacy Workshop for Storytime Leaders on November 21st; more information about the workshop is available at

· Bobbi Clapp, Health Information Project Coordinator, reported that the HIP project is starting its 5th year of funding through the State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) and Dutchess County Government. B. Clapp explained the funding cycle and status of the funds for next year. A summary of the project was distributed, including a list of the eight target libraries and materials available to all libraries. B. Clapp reports that she receives a number of requests from outside of the system service area for HIP materials. The Teen Reviewer Project will be continued in 2004. Teens are hired for 10 weeks to review videos and web sites; they receive information literacy training as well as training in how to evaluate videos and web sites - top ranked videos and web sites are collated and shared. Videos are linked from the HIP web site to the OPAC. Teens involved give presentations to their peers along with the project coordinator and the local librarian - they use this opportunity to tell the student body about Request-a-Title, HomeACCESS and Lifelines. M. Quick requested assistance in having a presentation at her local school district as a non-HIP target library. B. Clapp agreed that this is possible and suggested contacting the school district first to establish a contact person for the HIP staff to talk with in order to organize a presentation. B. Clapp also noted that a resource guide of all HIP materials is being produced and will be distributed to all member libraries. More information about this project is available at

· Kirstin Litwin, Coordinator of the Your Library: Gateway to the Community LSTA Project, shared a summary of her project. Because the state funded this grant at a reduced amount, the project has been scaled back to 10 target libraries (original plans were to implement this system-wide). There will be specific outreach to the new residents in Hispanic communities within MHLS through this project. The long-range plan of this project is to create a marketing plan to do community outreach in all areas of the system through the member libraries. B. Haymann-Diaz offered to share the strategies they use at PPLD to do outreach to the Spanish-speaking immigrant population. Another suggestion was made to make connections with people who work for social service agencies that provide services to these target populations. L. Rolufs suggested speaking with the Ellenville and Plattekill libraries about their outreach efforts to this population as well. More information about this project along with customizable outreach support materials are available at

State-wide Performers Database
The regional Performers Database received funding to go statewide through an LSTA grant request by the Southern Adirondack Library System. At NYLA next week there will be a committee discussing issues related to the expansion of this resource state-wide. The Committee was asked to submit feedback to Margaret Keefe by next Wednesday, as she will be part of that meeting.

Pertinent Web Site Sections
Programming: Committee discussed how to highlight youth service resources. MHLS Staff will work on this.

Marketing: R. Smith presented a draft of a "Story Ideas" section that would help directors and reporters seeking article content. The draft is available at:

Fundraising: M. Quick suggested that the front page look like the other resource sections, listing what is available under each header. It was noted that some of the samples weren't linked correctly. R. Smith will address these two issues.

Book Discussion Workshop: A summary of the evaluations was distributed. M. Quick and K. Lustiber attended. They reported that they liked the workshop and felt the presenter was very good. M. Quick felt it was very productive and would like to see it offered again. They especially felt that the demonstration component was valuable.

Program & Publicity Users Group: R. Smith reported that the Greene County directors requested that this event (topic: teaching technology) be rescheduled for early 2004. The location will still be the Catskill Public Library. Library staffers currently conducting technology training in their libraries will be invited to speak at the users group. If registration goes well, this event will be offered in a second location.

Youth Services Roundtable: M. Keefe reported that this event, which was held in response to the requests for networking opportunities, was well received. Attendance was low (12) but those that attended found the event valuable and asked that MHLS repeat the event next year.

Performers' Showcase: March 12, 2004. There will be 15 slots for performers. There will be an effort to get new performers that we haven't seen in past years' showcases. The committee discussed the possibility of charging performers to participate in the showcase.

The SRP Workshop for 2004: March 31st, 2004. A committee of children's librarians will be formed to come up with craft ideas for the workshop. "New York Is Read, White & Blue" is the theme for next year.

New Business
Publicity relationship with RCLS: MHLS staff met with Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS) staff and are discussing coordinating blanket press releases for major public library events and cultural events where a majority of the libraries are participating in some way. Also discussed was the possibility of joint PR in the areas of library card sign-up and the universal availability of tax forms at public libraries. The tax form campaign would involve a component that addresses how to capture the interest of those patrons that come in once a year just for tax forms. M. Steinberg suggested inviting the Westchester Library System to be involved in these activities as well.

Joint publicity of events on a county-wide basis was discussed. M. Advocate suggested the use of a free web-based resource at to do this electronically.

Committee Business
Elect chair for 2004: Midge Quick was unanimously elected as committee chair for 2004. Maria Steinberg agreed to be the back-up committee reporter to the DA.

Membership: L. Rolufs and S. Hosier will be leaving the committee at the end of the year. New members: Anne Jordan (Staatsburg) and John Georghiou (Plattekill). The Columbia County seat is still open. MHLS staff will pursue filling this vacancy.

In 2004 this committee will be called the "MHLS Marketing & Program Advisory Committee"

M. Quick asked for resources for help on managing or beginning a web site. M. Advocate reported to the committee that MHLS is redesigning the 30+ MHLS maintained default pages to become a model web page. The last time MHLS did this a number of libraries switched from maintaining their own to using the MHLS default. S. Hosier invited everyone to a program series she is holding at the Philmont Library on creating web pages.

Next Meeting: TBD

MHLS will find a Columbia County representative for the committee.
MHLS will pursue the publicity relationship with RCLS and WLS.
R. Smith will develop the "Story Ideas" section of the Marketing resources page.
R. Smith will redesign the Fundraising Resources section of the web site to be in-line with the other resource sections.
MHLS staff will draft new default pages for the committee to comment on.

Book Discussion Workshop Evaluation Summary
MHLS Grant Projects for 2003-2004
The Raising a Reader Emergent Literacy Project Abstract/Summary
Health Information Project postcard and summary
Your Library: Gateway to the Community Summary and list of target libraries
Sample survey card to assess how people find out about the library

Minutes submitted by R. Smith, 10.30.03

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