Minutes for the April 23, 2003 Meeting for the Program & Grants Committee

MHLS Auditorium  |  10:00am-1:00pm


Present: Lee Eaton, Barbara Flach, Kara Lustiber, Linda Rolufs (chair), Maria Steinberg

MHLS Staff: Margaret Keefe, Rebekkah Smith, Merribeth Advocate

Guest: Lauren Muffs



Minutes of January 22nd meeting

            Motion to accept: L. Eaton, M. Steinberg

            Discussion: none

            Vote: unanimous


Old Business:

Performers database upgrades/evaluations: The Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS) is writing a second LSTA grant to expand their Performers and Programs database statewide. SALS is soliciting input regarding the database and its expansion.

Committee suggestions:

·        Capability to search by geographical region


EZ Program Database:  L. Rolufs reviewed the minutes from the past few years prior to the meeting and asked MHLS staff to clarify seemingly unresolved matters:


M. Keefe pointed out that there is no funding to pay the designer to modify the database at this point and that the designer has been making adjustments for us at no cost.


Committee would like an addition to the Incentive Program that required libraries that receive programming funds to add their MHLS-subsidized program to the EZ Library Program Database*.


M. Advocate announced that there is a new section in the Resources area of the MHLS web site for library programming that will link to the EZ Library Program Database and other resources for library programming.


M. Keefe reminded the Committee that RASS is publishing a directory of adult programs, M. Keefe will be adding these programs to the database.


Topics for the May 23rd Program/Publicity Users group:

Staff noted that the date had been changed to May 23 from May 1.


L. Rolufs suggested trying to identify the person(s) in each library responsible for programming to better target information about the users group.


Motion to postpone May 23 Users Group: L. Eaton (1st) K. Lustiber (2nd)

Vote: unanimous in favor


Minimum Web Standards for Member Library Web Sites

Committee discussed the drafted standards. The Committee agreed that is should be made clear these are suggested/recommended standards. Resources will be developed to support libraries in meeting these standards. The Committee agreed to present the draft to the Director’s Association at the May 15th meeting. R. Smith will provide copies for the next DA meeting.


New Business:

MHLS Plan of Service: Committee reviewed the Plan of Service elements that fall under the charge of the Committee.



LSTA: M. Advocate explained the LSTA grant program to the committee. Two proposals are being developed by MHLS this year.

Family Services Category: Emergent Literacy: M. Keefe described this project which is based on the Emergent Literacy Program model developed by PLA. The crux of the program is conducting story times for kids from birth to age 5 that contribute to children’s readiness to begin school and to gather results of the impact. A consultant would be hired to introduce libraries to the process and model story time techniques. Partnerships with Even Start and other agencies whose constituencies involve families that fall into the lower socioeconomic brackets will be pursued through the grant. Several libraries in the systems will be targeted.


Possible partners for the grant: Even Start; Literacy Volunteers; Day Care Associations

Committee suggestions:


Service Improvement: New Resident Outreach

K. Litwin introduced the project, and asked the committee for input.

Committee Suggestions:



MOTION: L. Eaton (1st) K. Lustiber (2nd)

Vote: unanimous


Next Meeting: July 30, 2003


Report to the DA: Presentation of minimum standards document and solicitation of input; date change of Program & Publicity Group; Reminder for director’s to add to the EZ Program Database, highlighting that this database is not just for children’s programs.


R. Smith will provide copies of Web Site Suggested Minimum Standards draft for DA.


M. Steinberg will approach contact at the New York Public Library who is responsible for training staff to conduct book discussion groups about coming to MHLS and doing a session for the Program & Publicity Users Group.


M. Keefe will talk to EZ Library Program Database designer regarding two issues: Ability to combine search terms and to change the placement of the number of items returned in the search – this # now appears at the bottom of the list.


MHLS staff will convey to the executive director that the Committee is interested to see the requirement of EZ Library Program Database entry for those libraries that receive programming funds from the Incentive Program.


Member Library Web Sites - Minimum Standards Draft

Web Site Minimum Standards Resource Document

2003-2004 LSTA Grant for Emergent Literacy Abstract
Overview of Emergent Literacy Project

Parent’s Guide to Emergent Literacy

Abstract for LSTA proposal to reach out to newcomers through area public libraries



Minutes submitted by R. Smith, 4.24.03