Minutes for the July 30, 2003 Meeting for the Program & Grants Committee
MHLS Auditorium | 10:00am-1:00pm

Present: Barbara Flach (Greenville), Shannon Hosier (Philmont), Margaret Keefe (MHLS), Kara Lustiber (West Hurley), Linda Rolufs (Esopus)(chair), Midge Quick (NorthEast-Millerton), Rebekkah Smith (MHLS), Maria Steinberg (Brewster)
Guest(s): Merribeth Advocate (MHLS), Barbara Haymann-Diaz (PPLD), Lauren Muffs (PPLD)

Minutes of January 22nd meeting
Motion to accept: 1st Midge Quick; 2nd Barbara Flach
Discussion: none
Vote: unanimous

Old Business:
Performers database upgrades/evaluations
SALS/UHLS/MVLS LSTA grant pending - notification in early fall. M. Keefe will serve on advisory committee if the grant is approved. Further suggestions should be forwarded to M. Keefe.

EZ Library Program Database
M. Keefe has continued to promote the database.
Combining Search Terms: this will be addressed as the consultant (Polly Farrington) is able.
Moving number of hits to top of page: consultant will do this in the near future.
Submission requirement by all MHLS member libraries requesting program incentive funds: Josh Cohen is not opposed to tying submission to the incentive funds. Committee was asked for input: committee identified obstacles to tying the two together. Suggestion that for each reimbursement related to programming in the library there needs to be an entry made into the EZ Library Program Database - either the specific program they are applying for reimbursement for or another appropriate program. K. Lustiber suggested that MHLS replace C&P with a programming incentive in which a program is developed, not hire a programmer, and no matching funds are required. *MHLS staff will work on this further.

Guidelines for Member Library Web Sites - Feedback from various directors indicates that this is a useful document to make the case to their boards and web consultants for what should be on their web page. Also useful in writing 5-year plans to develop the site along the guidelines. M. Advocate reported that all 29 default library web pages, maintained by MHLS staff, have been updated along the guidelines.

Future Programming: Book Discussion Workshop in October: M. Keefe has negotiated with NYPL librarian, Renee Kotler (suggested by M. Steinberg) to do a full day workshop on running book discussion groups. Tentative date has been set for October 23. BHD asked what the focus will be (groups for kids, teens or adults) - *M. Keefe will clarify upon speaking with the presenter.

Future Topics for the Program & PR users group:
For September Users Group: R. Smith suggested a users group that focuses on helping libraries develop or enhance their local electronic resources training for patrons. Tentative title: Helping patrons using electronic resources in the library - the session would address training and publicity techniques. L. Rolufs suggested a train-the-technology trainer component. Committee asked that MHLS staff be conscious of the environment in which staff are actually conducting training, that many of our libraries are doing training in the middle of the library, not a classroom setting. Next set date, September 24th. ^RS proposed that the program binder be launched to members at the same time as the users group. The program binder is the second component of the electronic resources training recently completed this summer. It will include scripts to aid library staff in conducting training related to HomeAccess databases, the OPAC and the Internet. Binder will also include PR templates and basic handouts for patrons. Committee suggested clearer name for the binder - for example: "electronic resources training binders" or "Patron Education."

Suggestions for future user group topics:
· Display options for small spaces in libraries - how to display resources (bookmarks, how to sheets), organized and handy for library staff and patrons.
· Increasing attendance at programs. PPLD described the success of their movie programs - they do programming for summer camps, which boosts attendance. Correctly targeting audience in choices of movies. BHD will share list of movies used this year in the programming for kids.

MHLS Plan of Service
In order to ensure committee work is focused within the context of the MHLS Plan of Service, MHLS staff identified the goals of the POS that are applicable to each advisory committee and drafted a mission statement for each committee. MHLS is proposing a name change for this committee, to the Marketing & Program Advisory Committee. Staff asked for input on the draft mission statement from the committee.

Discussion of the listed activities included MHLS staff providing an explanation of each area of activity under the mission.

The committee agreed with the proposed name change and had no revisions to the mission statement. (see handout or committee web page) M. Advocate explained that all four committees will have a mission statement and once reviewed by the committees, these will be presented to the Director's Association.

New Business:
Term Expirations - committee was asked to go back to their county groups to address the term expirations coming up at the end of the year.

Gates Electronic Resources @Your Library and Program Binder - discussed above in section Future Topics for the Program & PR users group

"Staying Connected" grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - R. Smith let the group know that the State Library is submitting a grant proposal to the Gates Foundation for funding that would allow MHLS to continue training member libraries on the electronic resources in their libraries. The Gates Foundation will decide on the grant and let the NYSL know in early November if the proposal is successful.

Programming resources on the MHLS Web site - R. Smith explained the Library Programming resources section of the MHLS web site at, pointing out the resources to help plan book discussion groups, including a list of award winning books that have been hyper-linked to the Online Public Access Catalog.

L. Rolufs asked the group to share their programming successes so far this year:
L. Rolufs (Esopus): The library has adopted an owl from the Hudson Valley Raptor Center [] and tied the adoption to the summer reading program. The Friends of the Library subsidize the adoption cost of $25 a month based on the number of books read by kids participating in the SRP.

M. Quick (North East-Millerton): Recently held Emily Dickinson program and program around the 1st female Nobel Prize winner; author signing - book selling at event, tip: buy wholesale and sell retail. Author signing fell through but will try again. Discussed difficulty in involving parents/adults in programs. Suggestion made to present library services/resource at the public school open house.

B. Flach (Greenville): Will be doing "Big Trucks" program in August. Their Highway Dept. and Fire Co. will participate and the Town authorized the use of the recreational park to host the program. The town is also providing insurance coverage for the event. SRP incentive: for every 10 books child gets to choose from the "goodie box" or a basket of candy. Teens are eligible to win a gift certificate to the local mall, which has increased number of teens participating this year. Other programming includes: bookmark contest (K-8), jewelry-making class for teens, wood carving class for YA-Adults, creative writing for YA-Adults, drawing and watercolor workshop for grades 6-9, drawing and watercolor class for adults as well, a Reptile program, a local geological program, Music and Rhythm for kids, a Birthday Bash, and Crafts for kids (in general). The Greenville Library does not charge for programming; sometimes participants need to bring their own supplies for the art classes. Barbara shared that she finds presenters through the local paper and referrals. She found pottery and Japanese brush painting teachers for next year this way. Some presenters are paid through a grant from the Greene Co. Council of the Arts. The Greenville Library board budgets funds to cover rest of programming costs.

S. Hosier (Philmont): Philmont Library has no programming budget. Volunteer run: the Columbia-Greene Workforce program supplied two teenage volunteers for the summer that help with programming. Have held painting, pottery, writing, photography, acting sessions so far this summer. The photography class involved the creation of a t-shirt using photos from the program for participants. The Friends Group is sponsoring a star gazing program later this summer.

M. Steinberg (Brewster): Recent success with a short story workshop with a local author (4 sessions), 16 people attended, came to all 4 sessions where they wrote and discussed short stories. The library charged $20 to cover material costs and for a copy of the authors book. Materials: copies of the short stories to be discussed. Photography workshop for children in October. Kosco donated disposable cameras and the processing costs for the program. Two children's librarians plan and implement SRP activities - for example, birdhouses, jewelry workshops. Entertainer at the end of August through the Putnam Arts Council. Brewster has no community meeting space. They average 15-20 participants at programming in the library.

K. Lustiber (West Hurley): Harry Potter Party (entered into the EZ Library Program Database) very successful, 48 kids attended. Volunteers worked different "stations." Kids were divided up at the stations based on the sorting hat, earned "wizard" currency to use in the candy shop that had Potter-esque candy (chocolate frogs, Bernie Botts Beans, etc. and "Muggles Candy"). Stations included: wand making, "wack-a-troll" activity, word games, trivia, jelly bean guess. Summer Reading Program 2003 - partnered with neighboring library to do some programming. Plan to promote reading more in years to come.

M. Keefe: YS Department has stack of Harry Potter related ideas.

M. Advocate: Shared experience from her work in a public library that even basic crafts go over well b/c few parents do crafts at home. Partnered with town recreational department to provide programming during their summer program. Shared that the Marlboro Library developed a library camp in the summer to help parents that needed full day program for kids. Shared data on library programming in our system since 1996 and system-wide program attendance 1991-1996-2002. This data is available at, under Resources then Administration in the Annual Report section the data will also be included in the print version of the annual report.

All who shared indicated a trend of increased circulation during programs in the library. *

M. Keefe reminder the group to come or send staff to the upcoming Children/YA Roundtable meeting October 3rd in the MHLS Auditorium.

Next Meeting: October 29th

-MHLS staff will work on tying the incentive program to EZ Library Program Database entries.
-M. Keefe will clarify the target audiences for the book discussion group workshop and include that information in the publicity for the event.
-MHLS staff will provide instruction for extracting hourly stats through web management reports to demonstrate increase in circulation during programs in the library.
Report to the DA:
o Change of committee name & committee mission statement
o Book Discussion Group Workshop - October 23rd
o September 24th Program & Publicity Users Group and yet to be named program binder
o Term Expirations

Guidelines for Member Library Web Sites
Term Expirations
MHLS Web site resource: Library programming
Plan of Service of Goals
Mission statement draft

Minutes submitted by R. Smith, 7.30.03

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