Minutes of the Marketing & Programs Advisory Committee

December 8, 2004, MHLS Auditorium, 10:00am-1:00pm


Present: M. Keefe, A. Jordan, K. Lustiber, M. Pfisterer, M. Quick, R. Smith, C. Corrigan

Guests: M. Advocate, J. Cohen, B. Haymann-Diaz, L. Muffs

Minutes of September meeting

Motion: A. Jordan, M. Quick
Discussion: none

Vote: unanimous


Minutes of September 16th meeting


Old Business:

§         The committee discussed the use of programming at the library to reach out to state legislators to raise their awareness of local issues and the impact of funding cuts to the system on the local library level. For example, offering to host a Town Meeting for the legislator at the library. MHLS staff will investigate ways to initiate this in 2005.

§         C. Corrigan suggested the creation of a video to capture the voices of patrons expressing their love of the library to be packaged with a lunch for the legislator.

§         M. Pfisterer suggested building grassroots support for libraries through representation at local farmer’s markets and other community events.

§         The committee suggested repeating the Support Our Libraries letter campaign in 2005 with customized letters for each legislator that acknowledges their position on library funding.

§         J. Cohen noted that should MHLS be awarded the Getting to Yes LSTA grant that the M&P Committee will be called upon for input in 2005 and 2006.


New Business:

o       Library Programming http://midhudson.org/program/main.htm: Committee suggestions included:

§         More “Teaching Technology” resources (examples: Technology FAQs like how to save a document, how to print; PowerPoint presentations or other information that Sue Hermans may have.)

§         Capturing the value of the web site resources to members (example: self assessment by directors)

§         Add an introductory statement at the top of the page to stress the importance of programming in the library.

§         Periodic postings to the listserv to draw attention to the resources available

o       Marketing & PR http://midhudson.org/funding/marketing/main.htm

§         Quotable Facts has been posted. The Committee recommended that more system provided value quotes be developed.


§         Using MHLS Bi-Folkal kits as program guides was suggested for additional activity to bring generations together and show Seniors the value of the library.

o       Committee agreed to discontinue concept of this users group, and to integrate these offerings into the regular CE offerings

·        Making the “old” new again (display ideas, drawing attention to older titles, using props)

·        What Libraries Can Learn from Bookstores

·        Using MS Word to create simple signage in the library (Matt);

·        Using the button maker; creation of template buttons for libraries to  show how to customize them; ideas for marketing opportunities (ex: I voted for the library; pet day, I support the XYZ Library)

§         Committee discussed options for the default web page to encourage donations (gift book form, PayPal, donation information, library wish list)

§         B. Haymann-Diaz shared her experience in offering a similar program, Birthday Books, where patrons can pick from a display of books to purchase in the name of a child’s birthday for the library.

§         K. Lustiber asked for a sample thank you letter to also be made available.



Tasks for MHLS Staff:

·        Creation of the New Residents Bookmark. (D. Begley)

·        Investigation of magnet templates for libraries (D. Begley)

·        Initiate “Programming for Legislators” initiative. (R. Smith)

·        Create and gather resources for libraries to use to acknowledge a child’s first library card. (M. Keefe)

·        Investigate how to demonstrate the value of the MHLS web site to members. (R. Smith/M. Advocate/M. Keefe)

·        Development of more Quotable Facts about MHLS (R. Smith/M. Advocate/M. Keefe)

·        “Year of the Weed” initiative will be implemented. (M. Keefe/R. Smith)

·        Communicate continuing education topics from the Marketing & Programs Committee to the Continuing Education Committee (R. Smith)

·        Development of donation templates for members to use; possibly for use by default web page libraries. (M. Keefe/R. Smith/M. Advocate)


Report to DA:

1)     MHLS will encourage member libraries to initiate/coordinate activities/programming that draws legislator’s attention throughout the year to aid advocacy efforts.

2)     General New Residents bookmark will be available through the Online Material Request Form in early 2005.

3)     Quotable Facts about MHLS and member libraries have been added to the MHLS web site http://midhudson.org/funding/marketing/main.htm.

4)      “Year of the Weed” in 2005 – system staff will be developing resources to help members weed their collections. 


2004 Achievements

2004 Advocacy Diary

Quotable Facts from MHLS

New Residents Bookmark Text

Economic Impact (Administration & Management section of the MHLS web site)

Comparison of 2003 and 2004 Statewide Summer Reading Program Participation

“Connecting Teens with Generation A-Z: Intergenerational Programs with Young Adults,” by RoseMary Honnold, Public Libraries, September/October 2004.

Gift Book Order Form example


Next Meeting: March, 2005



Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, December 10, 2004