Minutes of the Marketing & Programs Advisory Committee

March 23, 2004, MHLS Auditorium, 10:00am-1:00pm


Present: B. Flach, M. Keefe, A. Jordan, K. Lustiber, M. Quick, R. Smith, M. Steinberg

Guests: M. Advocate, J. Cohen, B. Haymann-Diaz, K. Litwin, L. Muffs


Minutes of October 29th meeting

Motion: Maria, Kara

Discussion: none

Vote: unanimous


Old Business:



§         Shared publicity: R. Smith reported on the progress of the shared publicity opportunities with the Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS). Detailed information below.




New Business:

K. Litwin asked the committee for input. J. Cohen mentioned that the state library has indicated they will be looking for technology components in all LSTA grants this year. A. Jordan asked if the two ideas could be integrated into one project. She suggested integrating seniors into the project by using their skills and experiences to reach out to new residents (as trainers, greeters, and through programming). The committee discussed how to involve a new set of target libraries to amplify the impact of the project. M. Quick expressed concern that a combination might be taking on too much. The committee ultimately agreed that they would like to see an extension of this year’s grant incorporating a number of technology components that will make the project accessible to a maximum number of libraries. K. Litwin will pursue this recommendation as well as  further exploring the feasibility of integrating features from the Life Options proposal and the possibilities for sharing the project statewide.







Other: none


Tasks for Committee Members:


Tasks for MHLS Staff:

·        R. Smith will continue to develop the Story Ideas portion of the web site;

·        Staff will approach the Westchester Library System about shared PR opportunities;

·        R. Smith will convey brochure and bookmark changes needed to Deb Begley and Laurie Shedrick and report back to the committee regarding the print schedule;

·        R. Smith will organize a Letters to the Editor Campaign to assist in the system-wide advocacy efforts concerning the NYS budget.


Report to DA:

1)     MHLS staff previewed the newly redesigned “default” web page. To be shown at the April Director’s Association meeting.

2)     LSTA grant proposals for 2004-2005 were presented to the committee. The committee was in favor of pursuing:

a.      Raising a Reader Emergent Literacy Project (2nd year)

b.      Your Library: Gateway to the Community (2nd year)

3)     The committee decided to suspend the “Support Our Libraries” letter campaign. A new activity will be launched this month – a Letters to the Editor Campaign. Rebekkah Smith will provide more information regarding this effort.

4)     The committee reviewed the new brochures and bookmarks that will be released soon: Library Card brochure, Confidentiality bookmark, Updated OPAC documentation: Check Your Record/Request-a-Title and My Favorite Searches

5)     Upcoming workshops: Users Group on April 7th: topic of Teaching Technology in the library; Community Presentation workshop opportunities (your chance to learn how to use PowerPoint in an hands-on environment); the second users group of the year is being planned for the Fall, the topic will be “Sustaining Public Computers in Your Library.”


Motion: Kara, Barbara
Vote: unanimous


Advisory Committee Responsibilities

Health Information Project 2004 Overview

Raising A Reader Emergent Literacy Project Update
LSTA Grant Project Proposal: Extension of the Raising A Reader Emergent Literacy Initiative

LSTA Grant Project Proposal:

Chronogram Ad Text

List of Press Releases RCSL/MHLS

PowerPoint used for Marlboro School District Professional Development Day

Side By Side Newsletter




Next Meeting: Thursday, June 17, 2004