Minutes of the Marketing & Programs Advisory Committee

September 14, 2004, MHLS Auditorium, 10:00am-1:00pm


Present: B. Flach, M. Keefe, A. Jordan, K. Lustiber, M. Quick, R. Smith, M. Steinberg

Guests: M. Advocate, S. Hermans

Minutes of June meeting

Motion: B. Flach, M. Steinberg
Discussion: none

Vote: unanimous


Old Business:



New Business:


o       Side by Side Newsletter: This publication began last year in Ulster County, going out to school media specialists and public libraries. This will be launched in Dutchess County this Fall. The goal is to involve all area BOCES and distribute this simultaneously to all counties by early next year. The newsletter is one page long and describes partnership ideas, opportunities to get together and other relevant information.

o       Meeting SLS people (11/8):  Trying to plan a dinner meeting with each BOCES SLS for school media people to network with public library staff.

o       Taconic Regional PTA Conference on October 18th: M. Keefe and other MHLS staff will attend this regional event to share information about how public libraries help students, teachers and families. This conference covers our entire service area.

o        Develop tools for libraries to use to determine what programming is needed in their community.

o        Develop resources to help libraries publicize their programming.

o        Develop tools for libraries to use to evaluate programming and its impact.

o        Incorporate ideas and tools for targeted programs into the Getting to Yes (LSTA) toolkit.

o        Upgrade of the MHLS Programming resources section to include links to long range planning, program planning, funding sources, sources for presenters and program ideas [http://midhudson.org/program/main.htm].

o        Do more publicity of resources available through MHLS to help libraries do programming, for example, Incentive Program funding, equipment from MHLS, continued expansion of the EZ Library Program Database and Performers Database.

The committee discussed the value of programming as the #1 way to bring in new patrons and supporters and the importance of this to the Getting to Yes LSTA project. The committee then brainstormed a list of programming that would appeal to segments of the population that traditionally do not vote or vote against libraries. This list will be made available on the MHLS web site and become part of the toolkit developed through the Getting to Yes project.



Tasks for Committee Members:

·         M. Keefe is seeking input on how to spend the Summer Reading Program mini-grant next year.

·         Explore the possibility of offering an adult summer reading program, share ideas and obstacles with M. Keefe.

·         Analyze the Programming Survey results to see how the system can best help member libraries with programming. Report back at the next committee meeting (December 8th).

·         K. Lustiber will contact the other Ulster County committee member to see if he would like to step down and seek a replacement if so.


Tasks for MHLS Staff:

·         M. Keefe will demo the EZ Library Program Database  & Performers Database at the next Director’s Association meeting as part of the committee report.

·         M. Keefe will explore the possibilities suggested by the committee for keeping the statewide Performer’s Database up-to-date.

·         M. Keefe will continue the Piggyback Performers list as a year-round tool for libraries to join together to save on booking performers, for both children’s and adult programming.

·         M. Keefe will develop resources and encourage libraries to include adults in their Summer Reading Programs next year.

·         MHLS Staff will develop updated and new If you liked… bookmarks.

·         MHLS Staff will begin issuing quarterly reminders of the on-demand training menu.

·         R. Smith will post the Programming Survey Results to the MHLS web page.

·         R. Smith will add the Economic Impact page to the Administration & Management and Trustee Resources sections of the web site.

·         MHLS Staff will develop a sign to advertise HomeACCESS in the library.


Report to DA:

1)      The committee was given a guided tour of both the new statewide Performers Database and the updated EZ Library Program Database and felt it would be valuable for all to see. Margaret Keefe will give a demonstration of both as part of this report.

2)      The committee reviewed the “Getting to Yes” LSTA abstract and found it satisfactory. The abstract defines a new LSTA application being developed by MHLS to help libraries build yes votes.

3)      The committee reviewed the Programming Survey results and discussed ways in which MHLS can respond to the needs expressed by members. Solutions included publicizing existing MHLS resources and developing tools to determine community specific programming needs and to evaluate program effectiveness. The committee agreed that these tools should also be included in the Getting to Yes project toolkit should the project be funded.

4)      In-house library signage for HomeACCESS is being developed.

5)      Kara Lustiber has proposed offering a 15-minute introduction to the WebJunction web site at the next Director’s Association.


Motion: K. Lustiber; M. Steinberg

Vote: unanimous


Programming Survey Results

Program Statistics from the Annual Report

$5 Poster Menu

Material Request Form

Economic Impact web page draft

Professional Development page:  on-demand training

2004 MHLS LSTA Grant Abstract: Getting to Yes

WebJunction Topic areas


Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 8th, 2004




Submitted by Rebekkah Smith, September 20, 2004.