Minutes of the Marketing & Programs Advisory Committee

September 16, 2005, MHLS Auditorium, 10:00am-1:00pm


Present: R. Smith Aldrich, M. Keefe, A, Jordan, K. Lustiber, M. Pfisterer, M. Quick

Guests: M. Advocate, J. Cohen, B. Haymann-Diaz


Minutes of March meeting

Motion: 1st: M. Quick, 2nd: A. Jordan
Discussion:  none

Vote: passed


Old Business:



New Business:

o       The Committee reviewed: 

§         committee mission (http://midhudson.org/MHLS/committee/program/mission.htm)  

§         committee member responsibilities (http://midhudson.org/MHLS/committee/responsibilities.htm)

o       To move forward next year the committee will work toward gathering county input to bring to the committee; to report back to the DA more effectively and to focus our efforts on helping members target more specific segments of their populations to go hand-in-hand with the Getting to Yes grant.

o       The committee asked to stay at 4 meeting per year with the option to cancel up to 2 if there is not enough to warrant an in-person meeting.

o       ACTION: For next meeting – committee members will brainstorm with their county groups to identify target groups for the committee to focus on next year.

o       Possible end-product for next year will include step-by-step ideas to address outreach to identified target groups so that it is easier for libraries to integrate outreach to these groups into their day-to-day efforts.

Tasks for MHLS Staff:

·        R. Smith Aldrich will prepare a demo for the November Director’s Association of online donation options, including a handout that describes each option.

·        R. Smith Aldrich will offer copies of notes from the Small Libraries Roundtable on the Director’s listserv.



Tasks for Committee Members:

·        Committee members will seek to get on the agenda of their county meetings on a regular basis to promote communication between the county groups and MHLS advisory committees.

·        Committee members will attend their next county meetings and ask the group to identify target groups within their communities for the committee to focus on next year. Committee members will report back at the December 15th meeting.

·        Review the revised HomeACCESS signage wording and send responses to Rebekkah.


Report to DA:

1)     In light of the trend of book discussion groups that are being held in our communities outside of libraries, the Committee discussed the potential for “Book Discussion Group To-Go” kits that some libraries are already putting together, to be centrally held by MHLS, bookable by member libraries on behalf on their patrons to maximize the outreach potential of this service. The Committee would like to know how many libraries would be interested in this.

2)     The Committee reviewed online donation options for member library web sites. A demonstration of the options is proposed for the November Director’s Association meeting.

3)     Committee members will be attending each county director’s meeting or contacting their counties by email to create a list of segmented target groups with member library service populations. This information will be used in the coming year for the committee to discuss outreach strategies for different target groups.



·        Don’t Know What to Read? Slips

·        Text for the HomeACCESS signage

·        Getting to Yes Grant summary/focus group summary

·        Small Libraries Roundtable: June Notes

·        Committee Mission

·        Committee Member Responsibilities


Next Meeting: December 15, 2005


Submitted by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, September 23, 2005