MHLS Marketing & Programs Advisory Committee Meeting
June 19, 2006
MHLS Auditorium

Attending: Barbara Flach, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Carol Corrigan, Anne Jordan, Midge Quick, Barbara Flach, Maria Steinberg, Kara Lustiber, Jody Ford, Margaret Keefe, Merribeth Advocate, Bobbi Clapp, Laurie Shedrick, Josh Cohen.

Minutes from 3/16/06: approved by M. Quick, seconded by C. Corrigan. Action items were reviewed. (See Action 1 and 2)

The future of the Health Information Project (HIP)

Kid’s OPAC Interface
Millennium Create Lists & Marketing
Millennium & Resource Sharing web page layout
Incentive Program Review
Plan of Service
Book Club in a Bag Report
Local Author Listing

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 19th


1.      R. Smith will send a revised draft of MHLS Information web page, to link from members web pages, to the committee for review.

2.      R. Smith will link the Millennium instructional sheet on ‘recommended ways to get books for your book club’ to the Programming page.

3.      MHLS staff will develop a plan for the Health Information Project (HIP) to address the ideas generated by the committee and DA for making the project more relevant to member libraries and promote awareness system wide. 

4.      Ask at July DA meeting: Do directors want a separate Kids Catalog? If yes, would they like a new design for it?

5.      L. Shedrick will include in the new Millennium Toolbox a way for libraries to share lists they have already developed.

6.      MHLS staff will add a site index to the Millennium & Resource Sharing page.

7.      J. Cohen will attend county meetings to gather ideas for things to be included in 2007 MHLS Incentive Program.

8.      Recommend at July DA meeting create a new material type of Book Club in a Bag.



Report to Director’s Association from the June 19, 2006 meeting of the
MHLS Marketing & Programs Advisory Committee Meeting

§         The upcoming 2006 release of Millennium provides the opportunity to develop a new design for the Kids OPAC interface [].

·         Issues discussed: Could design a Homework Catalog (OPAC & homework support in one); Target age group would need to be identified; “Scope” it so the results would just display J materials. Committee sees the development of a specific Kid-friendly interface as a big marketing opportunity.

·         Question: Do directors want a separate Kids Catalog? If yes, would they like a new design for it?

§         Book Club in a Bag Initiative Update: Over half of the kits are currently out with an equal number reserved for upcoming dates.

§         Health Information Project (HIP) Coordinator, Bobbi Clapp, spoke to the committee about the relevancy of HIP to all member libraries and ways the project and its resources <> can be used to build partnerships with community organizations, including schools. Issues discussed:

·     How to make HIP more relevant to member libraries and promote awareness system wide.

·     How to use HIP in the community to leverage with different groups, including building relationships with the schools.

·     How to leverage HIP at the county level as a way to encourage funding for libraries.

§         L. Shedrick is developing an online Millennium Toolbox that will market the ability of Millennium tools (and provide instructions) for getting to know your patrons, evaluating your collection, evaluating transactions and traffic, correcting problems in records and more.

§         A site index will be added to the Millennium & Resource Sharing page <> to assist with finding Millennium instructions.

§         MHLS Incentive Program currently provides support for mileage, education, and programming. Josh will be going to county meetings to gather ideas for 2007 Incentive Program.

§         Draft of MHLS Plan or Service 2006 – 2011 Element 7 relating to Advocacy and Awareness was reviewed by the committee. Of specific interest: targeted marketing and programming being developed as part of MHLS coordinated marketing strategy, including identifying target groups to focus on and ways to assist libraries reach those target populations with messaging and specific programs.