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Impact Survey – Advancing libraries through community insight: All MHLS member libraries have decided to run the Impact Survey concurrently at the county level in spring 2014. Benefits include having a whole county picture and getting more participation by the publicity at the county level.

The 'Fielding Dates' is the date range that the Impact Survey will run on the library website. Initially the survey is set to run for 2 weeks - then libraries can check in their Impact Survey dashboard, and see if they want to extend the Fielding an additional week or two. Four weeks is the maximum it can be run. The start dates for each county are listed below:

If you have not yet registered for the Impact Survey, please register now. You must be registered with them in advance of your fielding date in order to participate.

How to Get Started: Create an account so you have full access to the resources on the site (note registration options below).

    1. Go to
    2. Click on ‘Register Today’ in the left-hand navigation column and fill out the form. Note that once you select your state, the ‘Library System’ box will pre-populate with a list of NY libraries by name, including yours.

      Registration Options: Check with you county directors association to see which of the following options you are using to associate your libraries for the reporting. The main difference between these options is whether you'll receive one set of reports for all the libraries in your group, or a set of reports for each library in your group.

        • Register each library in the group, and have them set the same survey fielding dates. A different email is required for each registered library, so they recommend having one person at each library to be the main contact. With this option, each library in the group will receive a separate set of reports and data. After the survey ends you can request a combined data file from all the individual libraries for you to analyze all of the data as an aggregate.
        • The other option is to add the member libraries as outlets of your group. To do this, choose one library to serve as the name of the group, register that library, then go to the "Library Outlets" tab on your My Impact dashboard and follow the instructions to add an outlet. With this option, you will receive one report and one csv containing the data from all libraries. However, the outlet will be identified in the dataset in case you want to analyze the outlets separately. If you would like to go with this option please let Impact Survey know so they can make the appropriate changes to their records.

Once you have registered and logged in, click on 'Get Your Links' on the left-hand navigation bar to get the code of the link to your survey (libraries that have their webpage managed by MHLS should send this code by email to and see the available graphics.

Suggested Timeline for Launching Impact Survey Starts a Month Before your Fielding Date


Reports: At the end of your survey fielding period, you simply remove the code embedded in the website to take the down the survey links (libraries that have their webpage managed by MHLS should send an email to Once that's done, you will be able to download your library's customized reports which you can use to communicate the value of your public access technology program. The reports available below are generated from your patrons' survey responses:


Ideas on how to identify  respondents for the purpose of providing incentives (e.g., tote bag) and/or “registering” respondents for a prize drawing: You can now add a url to which your survey respondents are directed after they complete the survey. You can set the survey end page through your My Impact dashboard. You can use this feature to link back to your homepage, or you can use something as simple as a google form to gather email addresses for an incentive prize drawing. If you leave this field blank, the respondents will be directed to a thank you page on


What Questions Are Asked in the Survey? Impact Survey asks patrons how they use the library's public access computers and Internet connection, and how this resource has helped them. The questions cover general use, as well as use in the issues listed below. The survey also collects information about use of specific library resources, help and training at the library, overall customer satisfaction, and patron perceptions of the importance of offering public access technology. A PDF of the full list of questions is available at . Don't be discouraged by the length of this. The survey uses skip logic based on the person's answers so they will only see questions that pertain to them. They will be able to complete the survey in about 5-7 minutes.


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