(Your) Public Library Summer Reading Program

Request for Community input


The staff at the (your) Public Library want to provide the best possible service to the community. We value our residents’ opinions and try to provide programs that meet the community’s needs. Please answer these questions to help us plan for better future summer reading programs.


Children’s Summer Reading Programs

Parents: Please get your children’s input on these answers, if their age allows.


Do your children participate in the summer reading program at the _____________ Library?

            Yes (Go to next question.)   No   If No, why not? ________________________________


Do you like the way the library keeps track of what children read—(here, each library must insert title, minutes, pound, whatever method you use to track)?

            Yes   No


Which of the following ways of keeping track of what children read do you think would work best for your child/family?

            Number of books read     Minutes spent reading Pounds of books read
             Don’t keep track at all     Other _____________________________


Do you like the small incentive prizes the library gives out to children when they complete certain reading activities?
            Yes   No     Why not? ___________________________________

Do you think your children would complete these activities as readily if they did not receive an incentive prize?
            Yes   No


If the library had enough funding, do you think they should offer more performers during the summer program?

            Yes   No    


If increased programming was possible, which type of programs would your children most like to see at the library? (Choose three)

            Music   Clown  Magic/mime  Puppets  Animals
             Authors    Poetry/Writing  Storytelling  Drawing/painting 
           Food/cooking  Photography   Nature  Theater


If the library had to eliminate or cut back on incentive prizes in order to hire more performers, would you be in favor of that?

            Yes   No


How would you rate the children's summer reading program, using the following scale?

(1= Excellent 5 = Needs improvement)

   1     2     3    4    5

Adult Summer Reading Programs

NOTE: Complete the following 3 questions if your library does not offer an adult summer reading program.



Would you participate if the library offered a summer reading program for adults?

        Yes   No (if you answered No, please skip the next questions.)


Which would you prefer the adult program to be--

            Separate from the children’s program 
           Joint family program for children and adults


In an adult-only program, would you like to make your own book selections or choose from titles/categories chosen by the library?

            Choose my own   Choose from library suggestions


Please return this sheet to the staff at the (Your)  Library. We thank you for your input.


NOTE: Use the following section if your library offers an adult summer reading program.


Do you take part in the adult summer reading program?

   Yes  (Go to next question.)  No    Why not? ______________________


How would you rate the adult summer reading program, using the following scale?

(1= Excellent 5 = Needs improvement)

   1     2     3    4    5


How could the adult summer reading program be improved?

   More structure   Less structure    Continue during the year

     Offer book discussion program