Generations On Line (GoL)is a self-teaching Internet tutorial and service designed expressly for elderly computer novices, that every MHLS library has had access to since 2004. You can set it up on every public access computer.

Generations On Line seeks to reduce the digital divide among seniors through this self-teaching Internet tutorial, expressly designed for computer novices. The target audience is new users 70-years-old and older. The software is an interactive program that guides a novice through a simplified version of the Internet designed for older Americans who have never used a computer. It is a great program to help your senior computer beginners learn how to use a mouse, send e-mail (it offers free email accounts) and start to search the Internet.

Normally the fee for this is $350 per library, with $100 maintenance fee per year. But since 2004 it has been free to all MHLS libraries, underwritten by a grant from IBM and AT&T, because so many IBM employees in the area have asked for this service for their elderly relatives. Generations Online is not available for home or remote use, just from within the library. More information at GoL's Director of Technology and Training, MICHAEL PIERCE, at 267-997-3785 or by email at with any questions.

Upgrade to new GoL software

In July 2007, MHLS libraries were sent the following info steps to upgrade to new Generations Online Software:

Since your library is currently using Generations on Line (GoL), your computers most likely have a "cookie" set in them from having previously logged into GoL. So to play safe, you need to remove the existing cookie (logout of the GoL system), and then re-log into GoL, which will reset a new "cookie." Simply follow these steps to accomplish these tasks:

  • Go to the address listed below to automatically remove your old "cookie" and log your computer out from GoL:
  • Enter user name, password and organization name in the login screen that appears once you logout.
    Note: Username and password info for your library are available from Merribeth Advocate. User Name, Password and Organization name most all be typed in exactly as provided. This includes any unexpected spellings for User Name and also the full Organization name written as provided.
  • Go to and enter the same user name, password, and organization.
  • All email and postcards sent will be available at the new site.
  • Create new shortcut for GoL.
    • Delete current desktop shortcut to GoL by right clicking on shortcut and selecting delete.
    • Open your browser (if not already open) and go to Add this to your "Favorites".
    • Open up "Favorites" and RIGHT click on "Welcome to Generations on Line"
    • Select "SEND TO"
    • Select "Desktop (Create Shortcut)"
  • This will create the shortcut. At this point, you can go to your desktop and right click on the label and "RENAME" to anything you would like (i.e. Easy Internet for Elders, Generations on Line, etc.)
  • Now you should be all set, logged into the new software, with an icon for GoL.