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Inventory stock sent out 4/02

Barcode Memo, April 2002
From:   Doris Formby, MHLS Business Office

At the March 2002 Director’s Association Meeting it was decided that libraries will take over their own ordering of barcodes. Receiving your orders directly from the vendor will ensure a faster and better service.

During the first week of April all libraries received packages with procedure sheets on ordering barcodes, any barcode related information MHLS has of your library and also ALL INVENTORY MHLS had in stock for you. Any orders your library had placed prior to April 2, 2002 and are still in pending will be send to you as soon as they are received at the System.

If you have any additional questions or need help with your first order call the contact person at the appropriate vendor (i.e. Amy or Marnie) or if she is not able to help you, call me and I will give it my best to assist you.


Used by MHLS for barcodes:
ICS of America
461 Park Avenue
Lake Villa, IL 60046
Phone: 1-847-265-1200 x103
FAX 1-847-265-9681
Contact person: Amy (Amy has your records on file and is extremely helpful if you have questions.)

Used by MHLS for library cards and library key tags with and without barcodes:
Vanguard ID Systems
1210 American Blvd
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 1-800-323-7432 x208 or 610-719-0700 x208
FAX 610-719-1800
Contact person: Marnie Masiello (Marnie has your records on file and is extremely helpful if you have questions.)

Used by Adriance Memorial Library & Kingston Library:
Graphic Technology, Inc.
301 Gardner Drive
P.O. Box 30
New Century, KS 66031-0030
Phone: 913-764-5550
FAX 913-829-1462

Used by RCLS:
Safeguard Business Systems
15 Manchester Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Phone 845-471-4466
FAX 845-471-5504

September 2003