MHLS Home Using Passwords Well

Your library has a responsibility to the shared database of the system, that only authorized users are able to access Millennium applications (including MilCat, MilCirc and Telnet) and the data stored on them. The cost of replacing lost information or the consequences resulting from access to confidential or sensitive data may be devastating.

Keep track of passwords:
Use individual passwords for each of your Millennium applications (MilCirc, MilCat, Telnet).
Create passwords that are not easy for an outsider to guess, yet easy for you and your staff to remember. Do not post passwords on computers or in any unlocked area.

Change them:
Change them regularly, at least every six months and always when you have had a staff member leave your employment. Contact Laurie Shedrick at x21 to do this.

Use proper format:
Use an 8 character combination of lower case letters and numbers. Your password should be 8 long for maximum security. Never use your name, the name of the library, your phone number, or any other information that an outsider could guess.

March 2003