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The New Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach is a planning model specifically designed for public libraries. It assures that the library plan is built to meet the needs of the community by allowing community involvement in the development of the library's plan. The process puts everyone in the library on the same page and allows for clearly defined goals for management and staff. It enhances the library's visibility in the community as a soundly-operated agency and a worthwhile partner for joint projects along with enhancing the library's position in applying for grants from foundations or other sources. Along with providing an excellent public relations opportunity!

The new streamlined approach takes a small amount of time to produce viable, valuable and visible results.

New Planning for Results is built on three basic assumptions:
1. Excellence must be defined locally - it results when library services match community needs, interests and priorities.

2. Excellence is possible for both small and large libraries - it rests more on commitment than on unlimited resources.

3. Excellence is a moving target - even when achieved, excellence must be continually maintained.

A Preview of the Process:
Step 1 - Prepare: Planning to Plan
Task 1: Design the Planning Process
Task 2: Prepare Board, Staff, and Committee

Step 2 - Imagine: Identifying Possibilities
Task 3: Determine Community Vision
Task 4: Identify Community Needs

Step 3 - Design: Inventing the Future
Task 5: Select Service Responses
Task 6: Write Goals and Objectives

Step 4 - Build: Assembling the Future
Task 7: Identify Preliminary Activities
Task 8: Determine Resource Requirements

Step 5 - Communicate: Informing the Stakeholders
Task 9: Write the Basic Plan and Obtain Approval
Task 10: Communicate the Results of the Planning Process

Step 6 - Implement: Moving into the Future
Task 11: Allocate or Reallocate Resources
Task 12: Monitor Implementation

Sample Planning Timeline and Role Delineation


Interested in implementing this planning process for your community?

Contact one of the MHLS planning consultants: Merribeth Advocate, Outreach & Education Coordinator (845.471.6060 x254;; Rebekkah Smith, Coordinator of Member Information (x239; or Josh Cohen, Executive Director (x217 or for more information.

Check out The New Planning for Results: A Streamlined Approach by Sandra Nelson from the MHLS Professional Collection.

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