"We found that all the activities we did seemed to bring results. Libraries should be sure to use a variety of strategies to reach the public because everyone receives information in different ways."
- Judi Smith, Board East Fishkill Community Library

Key components:

  1. Consider how public you want your campaign to be. In some cases you may determine it best to hold a low profile campaign.
  2. Identify which groups you most want to reach and how to reach them. (For example, active patrons, friends and family of library personnel, trustees and Friends Groups, mothers' groups, parents, educators, community and civic groups etc.)
  3. Consider targeted marketing strategies to reach specific groups.
  4. Consider a variety of marketing and public relations approaches. Here are some ideas.

Marketing & Public Relations Resources:


This toolkit was created on behalf of the 2005-2007 Getting to Yes (GTY) project. GTY is funded by Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds, awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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