The Great Give Back

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What: The mission of The Great Give Back is to provide a day of opportunities for the patrons of the Public Libraries of New York State to participate in meaningful, service-oriented experiences.

When:  Saturday, October 16th, 2021


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Great Give Back Resources

Logos and flier templates from Suffolk Cooperative Library System on Google Drive.

Full list of 2020 GGB Events at MHLS libraries

The Great Give Back Informational Webinar 2021

Sample Communication Plan Template

Social Media Caption Templates

Food Scarcity Event

Every October, public libraries throughout NY State encourage their communities to volunteer and address community needs in The Great Give Back. This October [Start  and End Dates] [Library Name] is partnering with  [Local Partner Food Pantry / Organization] to fill their pantry [shelves or food reserves] so that our community can feed its members. See [URL for Library Webpage with GGB Info] or contact [Contact Person] for a list of items in high demand and bring some to the library during open hours [Add Open and Closing Collection Times]. #tggb, #libraryggb, #librariesgiveback, #greatgiveback

General Great Give Back Event

Every October, public libraries across NY State encourage their communities to engage with each other through volunteering with The Great Give Back. This year’s events are on Saturday, October 17. Join [Library Name] for [Your Event] and make our community a [adjective: example for RiverKeeper event: cleaner, for winter clothing drive: warmer] place for all of us. #tggb, #libraryggb, #librariesgiveback, #greatgiveback

Newsletter Article Template

Great Give Back Food Scarcity Newsletter Article:

The Great Give Back: Working Together to Address Food Insecurity in Our Community

As part of the Great Give Back this fall, libraries all over New York State will be connecting patrons with opportunities to help their neighbors through donation drives, environmental clean-up events, and other community service projects. Given the rise in food insecurity in our community, as part of the Great Give Back the [Library Name] will be focusing on collecting and distributing food [insert relevant supplies, toiletries, clothing based on partner organization needs] to help feed our neighbors from October 1 to October 17 [insert relevant dates if different] for donation to the [Local Partner Food Pantry / Organization], who will distribute donations to the people in need in our community. The Great Give Back helps highlight some of the changing ways our library helps support our community every day. We’re stronger together, and any contribution you can make to this food drive helps.

If you’d like to help, you can drop off nonperishable food [or supplies, toiletries, clothing, etc.] at the [Library Name] from October 1 to October 17 from [Add Open and Closing Times].

For questions and more info see [URL for Library Webpage with GGB Info] or contact [Contact Person].

Measuring the Impact of Your Event

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