Lab Project 2019 – Increasing Program Attendance

Project Description:

  • To design and evaluate library services in a way that creates opportunities and addresses needs in our community so that more people will benefit from the programs offered by their library.


  • 5% increase in adult program attendance

Key Strategies to Implement:

  • Create a Programming Mission Statement
  • Create Talking Points for staff
  • Reach out to Non-user Groups to Do Programs and Solicit Feedback / Input

Project Timeline: 

  • Friday, May 17 at 10 am – Online Meeting (click here to access)
  • Monday, June 17 from 2 pm to 4 pm In-person Meeting at MHLS Auditorium
  • Thursday, August 15 at 10 am – Online Meeting  (click here to access)
  • Friday, May 6 at 10 am Panel Presentation of Findings at the Directors Association Meeting at MHLS Auditorium
  • Thursday, December 12 at 10 am – Online Meeting  (click here to access)

Other Strategies Identified: 

  • Marketing
    • Money for ads (social media)
    • Radio, public access TV,
    • Promote at outside organizations
  • Talking points for board – recruit to promote programs
  • Community survey regarding program subject
    • Suggestion form
  • Project Outcome Survey
    • Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Send reminders to registrants

Upcoming Events