MHLS Tips for Member Libraries for Completing the Annual Report

Here are some tips and information to help making the process of completing your annual report easier.

  • General Information:
  • Part 1 – General Library Information
    • Report of Unusual Circumstances: This question asks “has the library experienced any unusual circumstance(s) that affected the statistics reported (e.g., natural disaster, fire, closed for renovations, massive weeding of collection, etc.)? If yes, please annotate explaining the circumstance(s) and the impact on the library using the Note.” Additional criteria you can add to this list are: closed for extreme weather, construction on roads around library, loss of programming staff, loss of funding for programs etc…
  • Part 4 – Library Transactions
    • Internal Library usage is not considered part of circulation by NYS for the purposes of this report.
  • Part 5 – Technology & Telecommunications
    • Contact for person responsible for the library’s IT services: Unless your library employs an on-site IT person, the contact information here should be for the library director.
  • Part 9 – Service Outlet Information
  • Part 12 – Operating Fund Disbursements
    • Assurance
      • Here you type in the date of the meeting at which your board will review and accept the annual report. It is ok for this to be a date in the future. Remember to add to your February or March board meeting agenda “the review and acceptance of the 2018 Annual Report to the state.”
  • Suggested Improvements:
    • On the very last page of the annual report (called Suggested Improvements), it asks for the ‘Name of Person Completing Form’ and their ‘Phone Number’. Please note that everyone needs to fill out the name and number there, even if you are not suggesting improvements.

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