Submitting Continuing Education & Professional Development Events

Before scheduling any event, meeting, or workshop, contact your supervisor for permission to conduct this event.

All events should be submitted 8 weeks before their date to allow sufficient time for coordinated publication, planning, and publicity of the event. This lead time will also give attendees enough time to make arrangements to come to the event.

All events must be booked on the MHLS Events Calendar using one of the links below. Your events will be publicized according to the Continuing Education Publicity Schedule [link], and you will be provided with a timeline for your responsibilities for organizing the event.


For events that require an honorarium or speaker fee, consult your supervisor for permission, and complete the Honorarium Form [link].

If your event is 4 or more hours, or takes place in the evening, you will need to provide food for attendees. Click here for more information about catering your event.




Upcoming Events