Technology Plan

What is a Technology Plan?

A technology plan outlines in detail what technology projects the library intends to take on and how these projects will be completed. Done well, a technology plan provides clarity to all stakeholders involved, pinpoints needed resources, constrains goals to reasonable boundaries, and provides for evaluation of project success.

Components of a Technology Plan

Whether used for E-rate or otherwise, every technology plan should address five overall topics: Strategies & Goals, Professional Development, Assessment of Present Technology and Future Technology Requirements, Budget & Financing, and Evaluation & Measurement. These sections are explained below:

  • Strategies & Goals – Establish clear goals and a realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology to improve library services
  • Professional Development – A professional development strategy to ensure that staff know how to use new and current technologies effectively.
  • Technology Assessment – An assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software and other services that will be needed.
  • Budget & Financing – Provide a sufficient budget to acquire and support all elements of the plan: hardware, software, professional development and other services that will be implement. This element is OPTIONAL in regards to E-Rate however still RECOMMENDED.
  • Evaluation & Measurement – The plan should include ongoing evaluation in order to monitor progress toward the specified goals and make mid-course correction in response to new developments and opportunities.


Technology Plan Template

We have developed a base template to assist libraries in creating technology plans. Libraries are under no obligation to use some or all of this when developing their technology plans.

Technology Plan Template For Libraries

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