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General News

Amendment to the Resource Sharing Standards

The Directors Association met on Friday September 10th and approved an amendment to the Resource Sharing Standards related to indicating damage to an item. Section 9 of the Resource Sharing Standards is now named “Indicating damage to an item”. A new subsection B has been added to indicate that post-it notes, and other physical notes should not be included within or on the item. Instead, staff should follow the policy defined in new subsection C, and enter a message into the item record. This policy is the first entry in new policy in managing damage recognized within the circulation process, the committee will follow up in future meeting (s) to create policy for items that are damaged beyond an acceptable level for circulation. All staff particularly administrators and those staff who work in circulation should be familiar with the current Resource Sharing Standards. The Resource Sharing Standards are posted on the Knowledge Base website at https://kb.midhudson.org/resource-sharing-standards/.


New York Heritage’s New Website

New York Heritage has officially launched their new website! Their improvements include:

  • Making navigation smoother through faster reloads
  • Browse collections by Topics and Type 
  • Organizations’ landing pages now include location maps
  • Collection pages now have image captions and links to similar collections

Let New York Heritage know what you think of their new design by filling out the User Experience Survey.

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Director Resources

Sustainable Libraries Certification Program

Join us on Tuesday, September 28th at 2:00 pm for an introduction to the Sustainable Libraries Certification Program. This webinar will present an introduction to the Sustainable Libraries Certification program, an award-winning project developed to guide library leaders through a step-by-step process to embed sustainable thinking into every level of their organization. An overview of the 12 categories of action items that comprise this rigorous, reflective, and most importantly, entirely achievable certification process will show how this program is organized and how libraries of every size and scale can customize their own path to certification. Examples drawn from recent certification recipients will highlight the ways that the certification program has benefited library staff, strengthened relationships with other community organizations, and helped libraries be recognized for their role in helping their communities to thrive.

Presenter: Annemarie Gordon (she/her), Sustainability Coordinator for the Sustainable Libraries Initiative and the Suffolk Cooperative Library System, is a librarian and recent graduate of the University at Buffalo’s MILS program. Her library experience includes serving as a Trustee and Treasurer at the Brookhaven Free Library on Long Island and as computer trainer in libraries in Midcoastal Maine through an AmeriCorps project. You will find her outside all year round, skating, surfing, snowboarding, and stand-up paddling.

Please register through the MHLS Calendar.


New York State’s HERO Act

Governor Kathy Hochul Announces Designation of COVID-19 as an Airborne Infectious Disease Under New York State’s HERO Act. At the direction of the governor, the NYS commissioner of health has designated COVID-19 a highly contagious communicable disease that presents a serious risk of harm to the public health under New York State’s HERO Act, which requires private employers like association libraries to implement their workplace safety plans in the event of an airborne infectious disease. Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Standards from the Department of Labor for workplace safety plans include health screenings for staff, masks for staff, and social distancing when possible, according to applicable guidance from the NYS Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control. Public Libraries are not required to implement Health Emergency Plans at this point, which are triggered by the declaration, by the governor, of a public health emergency involving a communicable disease.

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Trustee Resources

Next up in the MHLS Trustee Education Series

Next up in the MHLS Trustee Education Series – Legal Issues: NYS Minimum Standards.

Legal Issues: NYS Minimum Standards | Tuesday, October 12th | 10:00-11:30 am| Register
There are a number of laws and regulations that directly and indirectly apply to and impact libraries in New York State. This program provides a primer on what trustees need to know about how libraries are governed in NYS including an overview of minimum standards for public and association libraries. All MHLS member libraries are required to meet these standards, which include requirements for library planning, staff training, library services, and community engagement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Library stakeholders will understand the minimum standards applicable to their library.
  • Library stakeholders will be aware of ways to meet the minimum standards.
  • Library stakeholders will be aware of resources to support them if they are not currently meeting standards.

MHLS Annual Membership Meeting

Please join us for our 62nd Mid-Hudson Library System Annual Membership Meeting on Friday, October 22nd. This event is online and free to attend!

During the business meeting we will report to the membership on the health of the organization, conduct board elections, vote on the MHLS bylaws amendment, and hear from MHLS’ Executive Director, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich. Following the business meeting Patty Wong, President of the American Library Association (ALA) will be our keynote speaker.


Please note there is a separate registration form for the Business Meeting and our Keynote Speaker. If you would like to attend both events, please make sure to register through both forms. Thank you!

Patricia (Patty) Wong is the first Asian American to serve as president of the American Library Association (ALA). Her term began July 2021 and closes at the adjournment of the 2022 Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

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