MHLS closed Thursday, November 22nd- Thanksgiving

MHLS is closed Thursday, November 22nd. There will be no deliveries and the MHLS ticket system will not be monitored.

Note: MHLS is also closed on Friday, November 23rd.
On November 23rd there will be no deliveries. MHLS staff will be available via the MHLS ticket system (techsupport@midhudson.org) from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM to support system-wide Sierra/catalog critical issues.

General News

Help Support the Pleasant Valley Free Library

On November 6th the Pleasant Valley Free Library facility suffered from a significant structural fire. Their facility is closed indefinitely. For the latest updates and to learn how you can help support this library please visit their web site.


Need New Tech?

MHLS can assist your library in finding cost-effective equipment. To simplify this process, we provide a standardized purchasing form. All orders are due by November 15th.

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Director Resources

Sierra Lunchtime Webinars

  • November 20: Cleaning Up the Database with Create Lists
  • December 5: Sierra Circulation 101
  • December 11: Item Data Entry & How Information Affects Loan Rules

Register online through the MHLS Calendar


Workflow Consulting

Ever wonder if you are using the best process for regular tasks in Sierra? Ever wonder if there is a better way? When it comes to Sierra, we think we can help.

If you are a new director looking to make sense of it all, or a seasoned pro looking for a reboot, this service can help to realign processes, so staff make the most of their time and Sierra.

MHLS’ Workflow Consultations are designed to provide an evaluation of your Sierra-related procedures as well as the provision of best practice guidance for library directors and their staff.

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Trustee Resources

Risk Management

News of the fire at the Pleasant Valley Free Library has many libraries wondering if they are prepared for a similar situation. Is your insurance coverage adequate? Do you have backups and digital storage solutions in place? Check out the Risk Management Chapter of the new Handbook for Library Trustees of New York State to help you think through some of these issues.


From the Archives…

The New York State Library provides an archive of on demand webinars for library trustees. Check out both full length and mini-webinars related to your essential responsibilities as a trustee such as board and director evaluation, planning and evaluation, finance and more!

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Upcoming Events