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General News

Central Library Resource Guide for Racial Justice

The Poughkeepsie Public Library District has put together a resource guide for all ages and backgrounds, to learn more about racial justice and what we can all do to advance equality in America. The Antiracist Starter Kit for Kids, Teens, Adults, Parents, and Educators can be accessed at poklib.org.


Sierra 5.1 Release


The upcoming Sierra 5.1 release will take place on July 7th at 3:00am. New features and fixes in Sierra 5.1 and 5.0 will be included in this upgrade. The MHLS Tech Department will keep members updated via the MHLS-Notice List. To view the full list of upgrades and fixes please visit https://kb.midhudson.org/sierra-roadmap/sierra-release-info/

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Fraudulent Face Mask Exempt Cards

The US Justice Department (USDOJ) has issued an alert about fraudulent face mask cards. The cards state they are issued by the “Freedom to Breathe Agency” (FTBA); state that wearing a mask will incur mental or physical risk for the holder; and claims the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not permit them to be questioned about the use of mask. The card also threatens financial penalties if a business “violates the ADA” and that the business will be reported to the FTBA (which is not a federal or state agency). USDOJ makes it clear these cards are not issued by their department and are not endorsed by the department.


Get A Library Card Through OverDrive


The Get a Library Card option has been added to OverDrive! New users at participating libraries are just a few clicks away from their first library card thanks to a new link added to the top of the OverDrive web page. The new message and link will direct users to their local library’s online library card registration form, where they can complete the form and receive a temporary library card number that can be used to access electronic resources provided by their library. Libraries should contact Assistant ILP Operations Supervisor, Nina Acosta at nacosta@midhudson.org for more info.

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Trustee Resources

Board Governance Webinar Series

Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services For New York (DHPSNY) is teaming up with the New York Council of Non-Profits (NYCON) to present a board governance webinar series that will cover a new topic every Tuesday in July. These presentations are intended to provide overviews of the types of issues boards may find relevant to focus on in the current environment. The DHPSNY webinars are presented free of charge. To learn more and register, visit dhpsny.org/webinars.


REALM Update

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REALM Update: Five items have been selected for Round 2 of Battelle lab testing to examine the length of time the COVID-19 virus may live on the surface of these porous materials.  The results from test set 2 are expected to be released in late July 2020.

The items to be tested are:

  • braille paper pages (closed in the book)
  • glossy paper pages (closed in the book)
  • magazine pages (closed in the magazine)
  • children’s board books (closed in the book)
  • archival folders (stacked together)

For more on the scope, timeline, and committees involved with #REALMproject, visit oc.lc/realm-project.

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