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General News

Tell the Governor to Support Libraries!

Governor Cuomo is in the process of finalizing his FY2019-2020 Executive Budget proposal. Take a moment to send an e-mail to Albany and let them know that you support funding for libraries!


Job Opening @MHLS

MHLS Seeks New Cataloging Specialist: The person in this position performs primarily copy-cataloging duties including creating, editing, adding and maintaining records in the ILS to ensure that database records are complete, up-to-date, and accurate, and provides training and support to staff and member libraries as required. For more details including how to apply check out the 12.18.18 MHLS Bulletin.
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Director Resources

Annual Reports Due Feb. 15

The 2018 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries software is unlocked and ready for libraries to use. All reports are due to MHLS on Friday, February 15th.

Visit ‘MHLS Tips for Member Libraries for Completing the Annual Report’ for tips and information to help make the process of completing your 2018 annual report easier.

Please remember to add to your February or March Board meeting agenda the ‘review and acceptance of the library annual report


Start the New Year Off Right!

Now is a great time for directors and staff to review the MHLS Resource Sharing Standards approved by the MHLS Directors Association. These are the rules that all 66 member libraries agree to use to facilitate the amazing sharing network of the Mid-Hudson Library System!

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Trustee Resources

Advocacy Day 2019

Library Advocacy Day in Albany is Wednesday, February 27th, 2019


Power Guide

Download the free Power Guide for Successful Advocacy, your step-by-step guide to developing an advocacy campaign. As you go through the Power Guide, visit United for Libraries to see examples of talking points, flyers, petitions, and more.

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