About MHLS

The Mid-Hudson Library System (MHLS) is a cooperative library system chartered by the New York Board of Regents dedicated to strengthening local library service while saving local tax dollars.

Since 1959 MHLS has worked with its member libraries to insure:

  • the public’s right to free access
  • economical resource sharing
  • professional library services

MHLS operates under a 5-year Plan of Service developed in partnership with our member libraries. Services can be categorized into two areas:

Resource Sharing 
By working together public libraries are stronger and able to provide more to their public. We support the infrastructure that enables partnership among 66 regional libraries.

Library Development 
There is no need for libraries to re-invent the wheel. By pooling knowledge about what works and what doesn’t at the System, libraries can learn from each other to provide the highest quality library service. MHLS serves as a clearinghouse of best practices, examples, and trend spotting:

MHLS Basics & Core Documents

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