2012 – 2016 MHLS Plan of Service Development

The System has conducted regular member needs assessments and evaluations, including annually reviewing the progress and achievements of the 2007-2011 Plan of Service.

The System’s planning process for the 2012 -2016 Plan of Service began with twenty focus group sessions held between February 1 and April 29, 2011. The links below provide the full notes from each session, along with an attendance listing. Each session was facilitated by Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Coordinator for Library Growth & Sustainability and Merribeth Advocate, Outreach & Continuing Education Coordinator.


It was the consensus of member library directors at the May Directors Association meeting that the summary document of Challenges / Issues – Central Themes, distilled from the combined feedback of all focus group sessions, was reflective of the shared needs of MHLS member libraries.

Between May 5 and June 8, all four MHLS advisory committees and the Planning & Personnel Committee of the MHLS Board of Trustees reviewed plan goals and developed intended results. During the same time a draft of the 2012-2016 Central Library Plan was developed by Central Library staff, MHLS staff and the MHLS Central Library / Collection Development Advisory Committee.

At the end of June the MHLS System Services Ad Hoc Committee and the Planning & Personnel Committee of the MHLS Board of Trustees reviewed drafts of the full plan, including the Central Library Plan, with evaluation methods included. The MHLS Directors Association and the MHLS Board of Trustees viewed these final drafts at their July meetings. The MHLS Directors Association at their September meeting UNANIMOUSLY VOTED to approve the
proposed 2012 -2016 Plan of Service as well as the 2012 -2016 Central Library Plan.

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