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Annual Reports Due Feb. 15

The 2018 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries software is unlocked and ready for libraries to use. All reports are due to MHLS on Friday, February 15th.

Visit ‘MHLS Tips for Member Libraries for Completing the Annual Report’ for tips and information to help make the process of completing your 2018 annual report easier.

Please remember to add to your February or March Board meeting agenda the ‘review and acceptance of the library annual report

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Start the New Year Off Right!

Now is a great time for directors and staff to review the MHLS Resource Sharing Standards approved by the MHLS Directors Association. These are the rules that all 66 member libraries agree to use to facilitate the amazing sharing network of the Mid-Hudson Library System!

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Civics & Citizenship Toolkit

Your library is eligible for a free copy of the Civics and Citizenship Toolkit. Libraries with the 2007 or 2009 editions, in their collections, should replace them with the newest edition (2016).
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HR Webinar Series

Human Resources Legal Issues Webinar Series:

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Sierra Lunchtime Webinars

  • December 5: Sierra Circulation 101
  • December 11: Item Data Entry & How Information Affects Loan Rules

Register online through the MHLS Calendar

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Workflow Consulting

Ever wonder if you are using the best process for regular tasks in Sierra? Ever wonder if there is a better way? When it comes to Sierra, we think we can help.

If you are a new director looking to make sense of it all, or a seasoned pro looking for a reboot, this service can help to realign processes, so staff make the most of their time and Sierra.

MHLS’ Workflow Consultations are designed to provide an evaluation of your Sierra-related procedures as well as the provision of best practice guidance for library directors and their staff.

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Ready to Turn Outwards in 2019?

Libraries interested in applying for the 2019 MHLS Turning Outwards Program are invited to join us for an introductory webinar on Thursday, November 1st from 2:00-3:00pm that will outline the value of “turning outwards” to seek public knowledge about community aspirations to better guide the future design of library services, programs, partnerships and resource allocation.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy & Training

Beginning in October 2018 all New York State employers must adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy and offer training that meets or exceeds the state law’s minimum standards. For more information please visit the NYS Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace web site.

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How do you predict the future?

Annual Meeting Pre-Event Survey: MHLS is focusing on the future for our 2018 Annual Meeting! How do you figure out what is going to happen next? Who do you look to for clues to the future? We invite you to share your best thinking to spot future trends through this survey. The results will be shared with all MHLS Annual Meeting participants at the event in November!

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SRP Final Reports

The 2018 Summer Reading Program Final Report is now available for MHLS member libraries. For the questions and online report form please visit

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