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Real People. Real Dollars.
Create a visual message with impact!


We’re calling on at least two libraries per legislative district (more would be awesome!) to help us tell the story of what a good investment libraries are leading up to Advocacy Day on February 27th.

Investing in libraries has a big return on investment for the communities they serve, help us tell that story in pictures this year by working with a patron or a family of patrons to calculate how much they save annually by using the library and then snapping a pic of them holding a sign with that dollar figure on it for:

  • Your library’s use through social media channels to connect more library advocates with the NYLA Online Advocacy Center and
  • MHLS’ use through publicity pieces being developed to bring to Albany on Advocacy Day.


Help us help you in 4 Easy Steps:

❶ Work with an avid library user or family of avid library users to calculate how much they save in a year using the NYLA Library Use Value Calculator:

❷ Once the annual figure is calculated:

a) take a screen shot of the calculation to have on hand and
b) have the library user(s) write that number on a piece of paper (fairly large so it stands out) and snap a photo of the person or family holding up this sign:

Alena from the Phoenicia Library

Don’t forget: Use your Photo Release Form to document your patron’s agreement to use their photo or a parent’s agreement to use their child’s photo.

❸ Post this to your Facebook page (and Twitter and Instagram…) with a message telling the story of the picture and pushing your followers to use the NYLA Online Advocacy Center [ ] to reach out to their legislators. Feel free to tag your legislators in your post and be sure to use the hashtags: #NYLALAD19 #LibrariesAreEducationForEveryone

#NYLALAD19 = hashtag for NYLA Library Advocacy Day
#LibrariesAreEducation = New York Library Association advocacy theme


Example Facebook post to go with your photo:

This is Alena, age 7. Alena loves to read. A LOT. Last year, her family saved $9,234 because Alena came to Phoenicia Library for all her books, movies and for tons of free, cool programs. Won’t you take TWO minutes to tell your NYS legislators how much your library means to YOU? The Governor has flatlined our library funding in his budget proposal and our communities need our legislators to stand up for libraries. We need your help. Make your voice heard! **Please share**
#NYLALAD19 #LibrariesAreEducationForEveryone

Phoenicia used the pic of Alena to inspire more than 30 library advocates to send a message to legislators through the NYLA Online Advocacy Center!

❹ Send the photo to MHLS care of Kerstin Cruger, MHLS Library Sustainability Associate & Communications Specialist at to be used in promotional pieces for Advocacy Day by February 18.

Sign Templates: Individual | Family

If you would also like to participate in the statewide project visit to learn how to submit your pictures.


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