Workflow Consulting

The Integrated Library System is fundamentalto the service and function of every public library.  These systems, however, are complex and ever-changing and can be used differently by each library to best facilitate their operations.  MHLS’ Workflow Consultations are designed to provide an evaluation of your ILS’ related procedures as well as best practice guidance for library directors and their staff.

How does this service work?:  An MHLS staff member will visit your library on a scheduled day to evaluate one or more ILS related process as well as your overall ILS environment.  They will delivery in person, on-site guidance throughout the visit.  Afterward they will provide you with a written report of their recommendations / answer to any questions they were unable to answer during the visit.

Should I request a consultation?:  The purpose of these consultations is to find workflow improvements.  This may be especially important after moving physical locations, substantial staffing changes, upon recognition of operation difficulties or inefficiencies, or to address disparate procedures among staff.  We otherwise recommend libraries consider requesting a workflow consultation once every three years.

Who can request this service?:  Any director of a MHLS library

Is there a cost?:  There is no charge to the library for this service.

How do I request a consultation?:  Please complete the web form below with some basic information.  A member of the MHLS Technology Operations department will contact you shortly to discuss your request and schedule a visit.

  • If you know your area of interest, please check the boxes below otherwise we will discuss further during an initial phone contact.
  • If you have any additional details about your issue, environment or request, please provide in the box below.

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