Computer Equipment Disposal

New York State requires computer and electronic waste must be recycled. To this end New York State passed the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act. which require manufacturers provide recycling for most consumers.

A comprehensive list of Electronic Waste Recycling Facilities locations in New York State can be found at:

Most sites will accept computers, laptops, monitors, and other electronics.

For the disposal of UPS batteries, you may want to call ahead and confirm that your local electronics recyclers will accept them.  Some manufacturers may also offer their own recycling program such as APC which provides free shipping.

Retail locations, such as Best Buy, Office Depot, and Staples also have recycling programs for electronics.
Please call the store directly for further details.

Before disposal we recommend erasing the Hard Drive.  We recommend using DBAN. A free program which can be load on to a CD/DVD and set to automatically erase the Hard Drive.  For assistance with this process please email

For PC with financial information or other critical information.  We recommend remove and destroy the hard drive with a strong magnet or hammer.


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