Tech Purchase Form

All orders must be received by October 31.

IT Operations can assist you in finding cost-effective equipment for your member library. To simplify this process, we provide a standardized purchasing form located below for common equipment. For individuals interested in purchasing equipment not specified in the standardized order form, please contact Tech Support. Not all requests will be fulfilled however certain additional quotes can be run (IE laptops). Due to licensing restrictions, software must generally be purchased by each member library individually.

MHLS is committed to purchasing only Energy Star rated equipment.  We seek vendors who include sustainability in their approach to manufacturing, sourcing, recycling and the shipping of their products.  We are able to do this without compromising quality or price in the process.  We encourage our libraries to include sustainability when making vendor choices and purchase decisions.


1. Review the standardized technology purchase form linked below.
2. Print and indicate the desired equipment on the form.
3. Send the form with payment included to the MHLS Business Office.

Please note that equipment cannot be purchased until payment has been received and processed. Also, please allow for up to 6 weeks for equipment to arrive and be configured. Generally, this is accomplished much faster however back orders do occasionally delay processing. Contact the Tech Support with any questions.

Current MHLS Standardized Order Form

Current MHLS Standardized Order Form – Equipment Description

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