Community Connections

Libraries have long been committed to building healthy, thriving communities, but they are now seeing an increased need to create and build strategic partnerships and expand relationships with the larger community.

Libraries are a key part of our education system – Libraries are education:

  • For pre-school aged children, libraries have continuously provided opportunities for enrichment in an environment dedicated to creativity and free inquiry. When schools close at the end of each day, each week and each school year, libraries remain open to children and New York’s families. In many communities libraries are the sole source of free tutoring and homework help after school, and provide expensive review and study books for SAT prep and final exams.
  • Libraries are the “People’s University.” For adult learners, including those that did not attend or could not afford college, libraries provide an avenue for free, lifelong intellectual enrichment.
  • Libraries are the leading digital literacy educators in New York State.

Adult Literacy

Digital Literacy

Early Literacy

Family Literacy


School Library Systems

Workforce Development

MHLS is dedicated to providing its member libraries with information and awareness, to develop programs and services, to attract and connect to outreach target populations and form relevant community partnerships at the local level.


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