Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core


Registration for the 2015 New York State Education Department/Office of Cultural Education Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core Conference taking place August 11 & 12 is now open. Online registration is located at http://nysed.fluidreview.com

The Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core annual conference has a target audience of classroom teachers, school, public and academic librarians, public historians and representatives from museums, archives, public television, NYS historic sites, performing arts and other cultural institutions. The purpose of the conference is to develop an understanding of the Common Core with the goal to create collaboration among classroom teachers and cultural institutions.

The registration fee is $61, with a registration deadline of July 17th and a payment deadline of August 3rd. Checks are made payable to the Regents Research Fund and sent to: Christine Dunigan, Regents Research Fund, Room 144 EB, 89 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12234.